Wednesday, 12 November 2014

A Few Bits From Lush: Snow Fairy, Cupcake and Herbalism

Lush snow fairy shower gel cupcake face mask
Lush cupcake face mask herbalism cleanser
lush cupcake face mask applied

I've been finding myself going to Lush more and more in recent months. Two of their skin care products, Tea Tree Water and Grease Lightening are already staple in my skin care regime and I had a good experience with their solid shampoos and conditioners when I went travelling in the summer.

When I found myself with a unexpected free afternoon today, I headed into Lush, with the aim of treating my skin to a face mask to help calm it after a recent break out. I always find the staff in Lush are extremely helpful and after saying I was looking for a face mask suitable to oily skin, I was pointed towards Cupcake, a luxuriously chocolate smelling face mask. The face mask is clay based, or rather has rhassoul mud which works to the same effect, so it's great for absorbing excess oil. It's quite thick to apply and even messier to wash off. It does go a little bit stiff but nothing uncomfortable. It's definitely softening and it did calm my skin although couldn't work any miracle on the beast I have brewing on my chin. And honestly, the smell is a huge attraction because it really does smell so good you could almost eat it.

From one smelly item to another, it is of course the legendary Snow Fairy, the limited edition shower gel that Lush bring out for Christmas ever year. I feel like it almost doesn't need an introduction, it's that well known. It's the sugar sweet candy floss scent that gets most people- you either love it or hate it and after umm-ing and aah-ing about it for the past two Christmas, I finally thought, what the hell and bought a bottle. And I'm so glad I did. It smells amazing in the shower and it smells amazing out of the shower.

Lastly, I was given a small sample of Herbalism face cleanser to try when I spoke to the assistant about my skin care regime. I always appreciate when brands give you sample of things to try that are actually relevant to you! Much like Cupcake, Herbalism is clay based and it's a bit of an odd consistency that I still have mixed feelings about. You mix it with water to form a paste and then use it on your skin. It has a mild exfoliant effect from rice bran and ground almonds but it's not something you could use to take your make up. The jury is out on this one still. I think I prefer products which can do the whole job lot in one and then I can just crawl into bed all the sooner.

Do you have any of these products?
What are your views on them or Lush?

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  1. I LOVE cupcake and snow fairy they have to be the top products from Lush (In my opinion) I haven't tried herbalism but I am a lazy skincare/beauty person haha xxx



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