Sunday, 3 August 2014


Oh Europe, you big beauty. It is with great impatience that I can say I'm off on my Interrailing travels tomorrow! I'm so excited and proud of myself for fitting everything I need for three and a half weeks into one rucksack. Unfortunately, for the sack of weight and space, my beloved Nikon is staying at home, it's just too bulky to take with me and I'm going retro with some disposable cameras that I will get developed when I'm back home. That and my phone so if you are interested in my travels, be sure to check out my Instagram where I'll be uploading the most of my photos.
As for the route we're taking, our first stop is Paris <3 I've been once and it was a school trip in the middle of February, so I'm looking forward to seeing Paris in it all its sunny glory. Then, after that, we're hitting Marseille, Nice, Rome, Venice, Bled and finishing in Budapest so it's an action packed three and a bit weeks!

If you have any recommendations for these place, please let me know they're very welcome!
Apart from that, I'll see you in three weeks!
À bientôt!


  1. Disposables are where it's at they look awesome anyway, have fun xxxx

  2. Uhh wow have fun you lucky thing! I'm hoping to go interrailing next summer <3
    amber love


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