Thursday, 24 July 2014

What I'm Taking Travelling- Cosmetics And Toiletries

Now that the boyfriend has officially graduated, I've started making preparations for our travels throughout the month of August. After mmm-ing and aah-ing about what to do during the summer months, we finally decided on Interrailing through Europe. So with only a trusty 25 litre rucksack, we're going on a big long train journey through France, Italy, Slovenia and Hungary. The real issue, however, is how do you maximise space when you only have a limited amount of space and it all come down to taking the bare minimums and the versatile items.

First off, we have my cosmetics bag, a little yellow print bag that I bought from Boots that is the perfect size for all my little bits and bobs. Inside we have-
1. Lush Grease Lightning- Hot weather, especially in cities, nearly always break me out and I've been lovely this natural remedy recently
2. L'Oreal Millon Lashes Mascara. A necessity, of course.
3. Maybelline BB Cream. I discovered this last year, when after a holiday, I discovered that I didn't match any of my then foundations and this BB cream was light and best shade I could find without breaking the bank for a new foundation that I only use for a month of the year.
4. Nivea Oil Free Moisturiser. My favourite moisturiser. It feels light and keeps your skin hydrated. Perfect for hot weather.
5. Collection 2000 Concealer in Dark. Again, this is used for when I have a tan but on the days when I just want to cover up a few blemishes rather than have a face full of make up.
6. Prestige Eye Shadow Palette. I've had this palette for donkey's year and I'm pretty sure it might not even exist any more. It has 4 neutral eyeshadow colours that you can use if you need to dress up a bit more and saves me taking my huge MAC palette with all my depotted shadows in it.
7. Vaseline. No one likes chapped lips.
8. A good Kohl pencil. The easiest way to do a smokey eye and can be used with the eye shadow palette.
9. NARS Orgasm blusher. My favourite blusher and the packaging has a little mirror which is always useful.
10. MAC Dipdown Gel. Because even my simplest day time make up rocks a good filled in brow.
In addition to this, I will also be taking my stippling brush, gel liner brush, blush brush and one eye shadow brush.

Next we have haircare and toiletries. I cannot live without my holy trio of haircare products so to save space, and the fact that a little really can go a long way, I've filled up little 100ml bottles, which can be picked up for very cheap in either Superdrug or Boots, with my cannot-go-withouts aka TIGI Bedhead Curl Creme and Spray to accompany my Argan Oil Spray. Next are travel friendly sized shower gel and toothpaste which can be thrown away once used and then purchased anew in the country you're in. Then, in the tub, we have a small amount of St. Ives Apricot Scrub which I use regularly on dry patches of skin... and when I'm peeling...

Aaand then a few other essentials. 
Make up wipes just for the sake of easiness but then can also double as a nice refreshing wipe after a hot sweaty day travelling. We then have the LUSH Jungle Solid Conditioner and Trichomania, both of which I've been loving using recently and both of which smells absolutely amazing. In fact, if I have the Jungle one in my bag, my whole bag will smell of it within a day. Might turn out useful in a rucksack...
And finally, ear plugs. An absolute essential if you're travelling on public transport and/or are staying in hostels. I know from past experience that you only need one heavy snorer in your room to ruin a nights sleep, so these are really, really worth it!

These are all things that I would like to have with me at all time. Of course, especially in Europe, you're never going to be too far from a supermarket and can always stock up or refill when you need to. However, for the sake of space and weight, it really is useful to decant favourite products into the 100ml bottles so you can travel with them and you'll be amazed at how far it goes. But most of all, it's about enjoying the travelling experience and at the end of the day, no ones really going to remember the bleary eyed girl with a scruffy top knot trudging through a train station at six in the morning. And you're never going to see them again either so there we go.

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Enjoy the sunshine!


  1. Grease lightning is amazing, and I def couldn't part with my NARS haha xxx

  2. Lovely beauty bits, I wish I packed this light haha! xx

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