Saturday, 28 June 2014

My Favourite Dark Lipsticks: MAC Viva Glam, Revlon Black Cherry, MAC Media

MAC Viva Glam II, Revlon Black Cherry, MAC Media
 L- R: MAC Viva Glam II, Revlon Black Cherry, MAC Media
MAC Viva Glam II, Revlon Black Cherry, MAC Media
L-R: MAC Viva Glam II, MAC Media, Revlon Black Cherry

I'm becoming more and more of a fan of dark lipstick for the night time and thought I would share my favourites with you. 
First up, is MAC Viva Glam II, a  dark burgundy red and I actually prefer this shade of red to Ruby Woo or Russian Red, which are both more vibrant pillar box reds. This lipstick is just a touch darker and is very flattering on olive and darker skins. It has a matte but not drying finish and I can vouch for it's staying power. It very rarely needs a touch up and if so, only in the middle.

Next, moving into the darker plums and purples, we have Revlon Black Cherry and MAC Media and yes they are extremely similar. However, there is a subtle difference in colour with Black Cherry being slightly more reddish tone whereas Media is more of a true plum purple. There is also a difference in texture. Black Cherry is slightly more sheer where Media has more of a creamy texture which I prefer. However, if push came to shove, they are very similar and I would recommend Black Cherry as a good dupe for MAC Media.

For all of these lipsticks, I would 100% recommend using a lipliner first to really lock in that colour and to have a nice clean line. Any red lip liner would work for Viva Glam. A darker lip liner might be harder to come across but I know MAC Currant lip liner is a good one and Rimmel has a fairly dark one called Ultimate if you're looking for a cheaper alternative.

What do you think of these colours?
Have you got any dark lip suggestions?

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