Tuesday, 11 March 2014

From A Forbidden View

I have to admit, I've gotten into a very comfortable yet lazy ERASMUS routine. It involves sleeping and lots of sitting in the sun now that it's beginning to warm up again here in Granada. And that is the best explanation I can offer as to where I've been really. Although, I then considered what better way to show you what I've been up to than with a few picture of a recent walk we all did last weekend.

We went on a walk last sunny Sunday to a spot my friend had discovered. Granada's a great place to take a walk around. If the sun is shining, there's always something go on somewhere, be it bubble blowers or impromptu musicians. As for the walk, it was pretty steep and I was wearing the worst possible shoes (sandals...) but even though I had muddy, slightly sore feet (yes, I did it bare foot eventually, it was a lot less hassle), the view from the top makes it all the worth while. It was great to see Granada from a different angle, just bathing in the sunlight. We had a bottle of red wine and biscuits from a convent we had bought on the way. They were quickly renamed nun cookies. 
It later turned out that we were on private property that we weren't aware of so we quickly relocated back down the hill for the last moments of sunshine before heading home. I washed my feet the moment I got back and made a mental note to always wear trainers in future if my friend says we're going for a 'walk'...

Hope you're all well

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