Saturday, 21 December 2013

Back Home

Yes! I am back in the UK and thoroughly enjoying gorging myself on gingerbread and proper tea albeit hiding in bed from the atrocious weather outside. That's certainly not been something I missed. On the 17th, I made the journey back home after carefully weighing my suitcase and was relieved to see I had 4kg to spare and at least 3kg was Christmas food I was bringing back home. So plenty of space to fill up when I go sales shopping.
The next day I made a beeline to Brighton where I met up with one of my uni friends who'd been out living in Brazil since summer. I naturally took the opportunity to meet up before she disappeared back into the wilderness. We had a good chat and catch up over coffee before strolling around the Laines looking at stuff I either couldn't afford or that made it onto my mental list to pick up in the sales.
One of the best finds of the day was discovering Tortilla, a Mexican version of subway with burritos and tacos instead of sandwiches. And my lord, it was delicious. We both chose the vegetarian, naked burrito (no wrap basically) which came with coriander rice, black beans, onions, pepper, a mild salsa and a big ole heap of guacamole. I polished mine off far too quickly.
Yesterday I also go my hands on my belated birthday present- a 50mm lens for my camera and I am beyond excited to start taking more photos with it. Because it's quite a light weight lens, I hope to take my camera out and about with me a bit more. My sister's present to me was paying for another piercing- I decided to get my forward/anti helix pierced so I'm in the process of caring for piercing no. 6.
I'm spending 10 days here at home and then I'm heading off to the boyfriends for a week over New Years. They're conveniently doing works on the rail network that I usually take to get there so I've got a bit more of  a longwinded journey but as long as I get there eventually! 

If I don't post before Christmas, I hope you all have a lovely Christmas.
Eat lots of food and enjoy yourselves


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