Friday, 1 November 2013

Adding To My Mac Palette- Honesty and Sumptuous Olive

mac eyeshadow sumptous olive honest

I'm not dead, I promise! It was a great surprise that I discovered that there was a MAC shop in the centre of Granada and after walking past in many times, I finally gave into temptation and popped in. I had been eyeing up Sumptuous Olive for a while now, and it's a branch out from my usual neutrals. As the name suggests, it's an olive colour with a lot of gold shimmer,making it one of those shades that could be two different colours depending on the light and the combination of the two make is a great shade for people with brown or green eyes.
Honesty is described as a pewtered bronze which is about right as there is a pink peach undertone and again has a lot of shimmer. Looking at my palette, I would say it's a cross between Naked Lunch with the pink and All That Glitters for the bronze-y shimmer.

L-R starting in top right- Shroom, Rice Paper x2, Naked Lunch, All That Glitters, Honesty, Woodwinked, Mythology, Mulch, Cranberry, Embark, Satin Taupe, Sumptuous Olive and Carbon
I've included a picture of how my palette is now so you can see how the shades all compare to each other. As you can see, I'm very drawn to my neutrals and bronzes. I'm tempted to fill the last spot with a bit of a wild card colour so watch this spot. On another note, Sumptuous Olive doubled up great as a green countour for my Medusa Halloween costumes. If you want to see a picture, it's here on my Instagram

Hope you guys had a great Halloween.
Any suggestions for the last spot?


  1. Jealous of your mac palette, you have some amazing colours x

  2. Sumptuous olive seems to be popping up on a few blogs now. It seems like a really wearable colour so is now down on my list! Xxx


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