Saturday, 28 September 2013

What I Bought: Spain Shopping

Shana White Jmper. Quilted grey skirt- a dead ringer for this ASOS skirt
Grey H&M Jumper Dress. Zara Tartan Skirt
Zara Tartan Trousers. Zara Playsuit. Blanco clutch. Blanco sandals.

One of the upsides to having to massively downsize your wardrobe during a move is that when you finally arrive, you get to go shopping. And, of course, once I had unpacked and wondered how so little ended up weighing so much, I headed into town. My favourite purchase so far has been the Zara scarf. I've been wanting a tartan scarf for ages and this is so big and so soft, it's perfect to be matched with my leather jacket. It's still very hot here in Spain but today it rained so it was the first real hint of autum I've seen so far so it's made me excited for jumpers and scarves. I'd also have to say the white Blanco sandals have been a life saver. My old Topshop shoes are well overdue a date with the bin and these sandals just did the job. Although they were cheap, I've been doing so much walking over the past two weeks or so, I've already worn a hole into one of the soles.

In other news, I had my first classes in the University of Granada. As ERASMUS, we had the week to try out a few classes and then decided what we want to do before we enrol much later on- Spanish bureaucracy is not the best organised. Everything takes about a month to get done. But, regardless, I've settled on beginners Arabic, Ancient Greek History and the history of women in contemporary arab society. Bit of a mix but they all looked v interesting. Combine that with the Spanish penchant for partying until sunrise and you'll understand why I'm writing this completely vegged out in bed. But that's just weekends are for!

Hope you're all well


  1. oh you got some cute things... And omg I did my Erasmus in Seville that was back in 10/11 =)

  2. great stuff :)


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