Saturday, 24 August 2013

Southampton Bloggers Meet Up

On Saturday 24th, I popped back to my university town of Southampton to go to the blogger's meet up organised by Hannah who was the force behind previous meet ups in Bournemouth. We set up camp in Orange Rooms for the afternoon and I'm ashamed to admit that even after 2 years in Soton, I didn't know that Orange Rooms was even open in the day as I had only ever known it as a club. However, I was quite delighted to see possibly one of the best fish tanks I've laid eyes on complete with Star War's AT AT's. I can highly recommend the sweet potato fries- why don't more people do this?!There were cakes, sweets, lots of chatting and even a quiz that we all drew on, after which I went and did some henna on some the girls as well. There were lots of familiar faces but it was also great to see so many new ones as well! At the end of the afternoon, we all received a goody bag full of little beauty treats including some Pretty Polly tights and Essie nail polishes! So a huge thanks to My Curves & Me and F&F at Tesco for helping out with them
I also took it as a chance to the get the second piercing in my ear now that I have finished stretching. I had wanted it done all summer but after having a look around in my local area, it was about £35! Which I thought was a bit much for stabbing two holes in someone's ears. I first went to Pauly's Tattoo's when I was having problems with my nose piercing and I can honestly say they're one of the nicest piercing places I've ever been too. The guy I spoke to knew straight away what I needed to do and upon taking his advice, it sorted out the bump on my nose a real treat. Their genuinely friendly staff are a real credit to them and they don't rip you off, it's only £10 pound a piercing, maybe a bit more for something a bit more extravagant, and only cost me £15 for both my lobes. I can hugely recommend them but they are also a bit tucked away in Carlton Place, behind Bedford place, if you're familiar with Southampton.

All in all, a very successful trip! 
I'm putting this post up rather quickly as I'm off to the boy's for the bank holiday weekend.
Enjoy the long weekend!


  1. What a great meet up!! Wish we had more of these down here in Florida. And omg I've been dying to do a second piercing on my ears as well but haven't found a place :/

    find me at

  2. Great to meet you Hun, wishing I had got a henna now! :)

    Lets keep in touch on bloglovin, looking forward to seeing some pics from Spain

    Justine Cashmere Times xx

  3. Looks like a lovely day! I'm from here and i had to ask where Orange Rooms was last week aha! Little bummed i missed this one as a Southamptoner :P



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