Monday, 19 August 2013

My Curly Hair Routine

I thought I would share with you my curly hair routine from start to finish.
I hope this helps some people, if you're struggling to control your curls.
It took years for me to figure mine out
 1. We're starting with clean freshly washed hair. I try to wash with sulphate free shampoo when I can afford to and I always let the conditioner, no matter what brand, sit in my hair while I get on with the rest of shower. Curly hair needs all the moisture it can get. Comb it through with a wide tooth comb and never brush it through when it's dry. You're just asking for damage if you do that. Pay attention to any particularly knotty areas like the back of the neck.
 2. Towel dry. Don't rub it- this only creates frizz. Collect your hair together and squeeze the water into the towel. It should still be damp at this point.
 3. I use two pumps of L'Oreal Mythic Oil. I run it through my hair but pay particular attention to my ends.
 4. Next, I apply just one pump of Tigi Bed Head  Foxy Curly Contour Creme. This is one of my HG curly hair products and I can't be without it. It smells very sweet but crucially, does not dry sticky. No one likes crunchy curls, am I right?!
5. Now SCRUNCH. Scrunch scrunch scrunch. Flip your hair over and start with the end, scrunching them in towards your skull. This more or less sets your curl pattern for the day. The creme acts as a restraint for all those fly aways and keeps them contained to the curl.
6. I then flip my hair back over and give it another spritz with Tigi Bed Head Foxy Curls Spray, particularly on the front sections of my hair.
 7. Et Voila! I find my slightly off center parting, give it a once over scrunch and leave it to air dry. I very rarely use heat on my hair, only ever using a hairdryer with a diffuser in the coldest winter months. As your hair begins to dry, keep scrunching every now and again, Don't let the products 'set' your hair. They're there to control it, not completely restrict it. I scrunch and also fluff up my roots from underneath to give a bit of volume.
Curl galore!
If you're interested in the TIGI products, you can get them from Cheap Smells or Amazon for fairly cheap. Which reminds me I need to repurchase some before I leave for Spain.
I hope this helped!


  1. This is so helpful! I've been doing my hair routine wrong for all these years! Starting from tomorrow, I will try this and let you know my results. We have the same oil too!
    Thank for this post.
    Lots of love,
    Georgia: For the Love of Thrift / UK Blog

    1. Thank you! I hope it helps, do let me know! :)

  2. Your hair is absolutely beautiful! Wish I had curly hair! x

  3. Ugh I really need to actually start looking after my hair! It's just so much effort, and I wouldn't even know where to start! Your hair is beautiful though, I'd love to have curly hair instead of the frizzy mop that I have. And on a side not, your henna is lovely!
    Hazzie xo

  4. Our routines are very similar except I do not use any kind of product in my hair. I just deep condition twice a week use some coconut oil and I'm fine (: but your curls are beautiful!

  5. You have gorgeous hair!!
    I'm heading to the meet up on Saturday so ill look up for your glorious curls! :)
    Justine Cashmere Times

  6. Awesome post and fab hair! love your blog by the way - may have to return here to stalk you more!


    Style StreetStalker A Street Style Blog

  7. i have the same tee, it's from topshop isn't it? :D


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