Thursday, 29 August 2013

My Make-Up Storage

I decided on a whim today to finally photo my make up storage. This is the first time ever that I've got a proper table and units set up. For many years before, I just had a box on the floor.... but floor box no more! My gorgeous little dressing table is actually a second hand table that I DIY-ed and now I thought I'd show how I've got it all set up.
My table is quite handy as it has a little shelf in front of the mirror. Here I store a mixture of my daily hair and skin products and my two perfumes. Tucked away underneath is all my regular everyday make up which is usually sprawled all over the place rather than being so neat! I also have my plug/earring Buddha box that I inherited from my Dad.
To the left, to the left.... My make up storage. This was a little something that I bought from The Range, a homeware shop I know we have down South but I'm not sure where else. It's got three tiered shelves and a draw where I store all of the make up that I don't use as much any more. The first row is dedicated entirely to lip products and I'm pleased I've managed to downscale my number of lipsticks and then I have a few glosses and lipliners thrown in.
In the middle are blushers that I use regularly so the like of my NARS Orgasm and MAC Springsheen. The NARS ones slot in niely but MAC, being round, are definitely a bit more awkward to store.
On the top is a mix of everything. I have all my make up brushes, mainly eye ones that I don't use that often, sitting in the left corner, then eyeliners, highlighters and concealers and finally some foundations that I don't use much any more.
Behind in the left shelf corner, are a few other skin saviours such as Bio Oil, Tea Tree Oil and Germolene, which combined come together to form my ultimate spot fighting trio. Oh, and a happy little Buddha!
My table handily has a little draw underneath it where a few more beauty bits lie. Nail varnishes, hairgrips and hair bands, eyelashes and  face wipes. All the little bits and bobs you don't want lying around. They're kept organised by some little black drawers that I stole from an office organiser.

And there we have it, there's really not more to it than that.
Hope you enjoyed reading!

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Outfit Of The Day- All Black Errrthing

Jacket- ASOS
Vest- H&M
Jeans- ASOS
Boots- Topshop Adonis
Necklace- H&M

This is what I wore to the Southampton Bloggers Meet Up the other day. It had been threatening rain all day and as I was getting ready, there was a massive thunderstorm with shake the house loud thunder. Thankfully it stopped before I had to leave but I decided to play it safe. Weirdly enough, I managed to go the entire day without even needing to open my umbrella.
The boots are last season Topshop, the beautiful Adonis boots in Oxblood, that I won off eBay not long ago and I had been dying to give them a proper outing. They have a cut out section on the side and I'm sure I will wear them to death over winter so keep an out for them!

I'm just beginning to lust over Autumn/Winter fashion but I'm trying hard to resist as it's still very warm in Spain.
Hope you guys have had a good weekend!

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Southampton Bloggers Meet Up

On Saturday 24th, I popped back to my university town of Southampton to go to the blogger's meet up organised by Hannah who was the force behind previous meet ups in Bournemouth. We set up camp in Orange Rooms for the afternoon and I'm ashamed to admit that even after 2 years in Soton, I didn't know that Orange Rooms was even open in the day as I had only ever known it as a club. However, I was quite delighted to see possibly one of the best fish tanks I've laid eyes on complete with Star War's AT AT's. I can highly recommend the sweet potato fries- why don't more people do this?!There were cakes, sweets, lots of chatting and even a quiz that we all drew on, after which I went and did some henna on some the girls as well. There were lots of familiar faces but it was also great to see so many new ones as well! At the end of the afternoon, we all received a goody bag full of little beauty treats including some Pretty Polly tights and Essie nail polishes! So a huge thanks to My Curves & Me and F&F at Tesco for helping out with them
I also took it as a chance to the get the second piercing in my ear now that I have finished stretching. I had wanted it done all summer but after having a look around in my local area, it was about £35! Which I thought was a bit much for stabbing two holes in someone's ears. I first went to Pauly's Tattoo's when I was having problems with my nose piercing and I can honestly say they're one of the nicest piercing places I've ever been too. The guy I spoke to knew straight away what I needed to do and upon taking his advice, it sorted out the bump on my nose a real treat. Their genuinely friendly staff are a real credit to them and they don't rip you off, it's only £10 pound a piercing, maybe a bit more for something a bit more extravagant, and only cost me £15 for both my lobes. I can hugely recommend them but they are also a bit tucked away in Carlton Place, behind Bedford place, if you're familiar with Southampton.

All in all, a very successful trip! 
I'm putting this post up rather quickly as I'm off to the boy's for the bank holiday weekend.
Enjoy the long weekend!

Monday, 19 August 2013

My Curly Hair Routine

I thought I would share with you my curly hair routine from start to finish.
I hope this helps some people, if you're struggling to control your curls.
It took years for me to figure mine out
 1. We're starting with clean freshly washed hair. I try to wash with sulphate free shampoo when I can afford to and I always let the conditioner, no matter what brand, sit in my hair while I get on with the rest of shower. Curly hair needs all the moisture it can get. Comb it through with a wide tooth comb and never brush it through when it's dry. You're just asking for damage if you do that. Pay attention to any particularly knotty areas like the back of the neck.
 2. Towel dry. Don't rub it- this only creates frizz. Collect your hair together and squeeze the water into the towel. It should still be damp at this point.
 3. I use two pumps of L'Oreal Mythic Oil. I run it through my hair but pay particular attention to my ends.
 4. Next, I apply just one pump of Tigi Bed Head  Foxy Curly Contour Creme. This is one of my HG curly hair products and I can't be without it. It smells very sweet but crucially, does not dry sticky. No one likes crunchy curls, am I right?!
5. Now SCRUNCH. Scrunch scrunch scrunch. Flip your hair over and start with the end, scrunching them in towards your skull. This more or less sets your curl pattern for the day. The creme acts as a restraint for all those fly aways and keeps them contained to the curl.
6. I then flip my hair back over and give it another spritz with Tigi Bed Head Foxy Curls Spray, particularly on the front sections of my hair.
 7. Et Voila! I find my slightly off center parting, give it a once over scrunch and leave it to air dry. I very rarely use heat on my hair, only ever using a hairdryer with a diffuser in the coldest winter months. As your hair begins to dry, keep scrunching every now and again, Don't let the products 'set' your hair. They're there to control it, not completely restrict it. I scrunch and also fluff up my roots from underneath to give a bit of volume.
Curl galore!
If you're interested in the TIGI products, you can get them from Cheap Smells or Amazon for fairly cheap. Which reminds me I need to repurchase some before I leave for Spain.
I hope this helped!

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Product Review: NARS Sheer Glow

nars sheer glow foundation barcelona
nars sheer glow foundation barcelona
nars sheer glow foundation barcelona

NARS Sheer Glow in Barcelona

You might have seen on Twitter a while ago me tweeting about being in beauty blogger torture, agonising over whether to buy NARS Sheer Glow foundation. I had gone into my nearest Space NK to be colour matched but walked away from it and it's hefty price tag, instead deciding to think on it and give myself a chance to see how it settled on my skin for the rest of the day. I naturally fell in love with in with it and spent a good few days arguing over it in my head.
Then, brainwave! ASOS stocks NARS. And ASOS also does student discount. But to top it off, to show it really was a sign that I should buy it, Barcelona was one of the 5 shades stocked by ASOS and they were having a up to 30% off of beauty products for 24 hours on the day I happened to be looking it up. If that's not a sign, I don't know what is.

I've included a picture of make up less face so you can see just how good the coverage is. I had dark pigmentation/fade marks on my skin and it does a damn good job covering them all up. In the other photo, I am wearing just the foundation, no concealer nor anything for the bags under my eyes. It's incredibly good coverage without being cake face. A lot of people describe this foundation as being dewy which would perhaps put off people with oily skin like myself. However, I would add that it does not make you look greasy in any way and instead gives off a rather flawless complexion. I can see why it's hyped up so much. Another surprise is that it didn't slide after a few hours walking around in the humid heat, unlike my previous favourite Hello Flawless by Benefit which is also a water based foundation.
NARS themselves recommend application by fingers which I tend to not do, out of habit. I used Real Techniques Foundation Brush and Stippling Brush, both of which worked very well, although I think you would use more product with the foundation brush.
The only slight disappointment is that, like other high end foundations such as MAC and Estée Lauder, it comes in a glass bottle without a pump, which you have to buy separately. However, if you're stingey like me and don't want to fork out extra money, you can still survive with a steady hand and a gentle tap.

And that's my glowing review of NARS Sheer Glow.
Do any of you have it? What are your opinions?
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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Life Lately 006

I haven't done a lifestyle post in a while so I though I would share with you some picture of what I've been up to recently and slightly explain why I've been a bit AWOL recently. The first couple of picture are from a vintage car and motorbike show that came to my town which gave me a good chance to drool over them. There is something about vintage cars that instantly makes you lust over them.
The second bunch are from Woburn Safari Park. I headed up to my boyfriend's house about a week which is why I haven't been around much. You get to drive through all the animal enclosures, windows up of course. Unfortunately, it was a pretty hot and humid day so the animals weren't really up to much especially the lions who were jamming under a tree the whole time. My favourites were the monkeys because they're so cute yet such little monsters. We watched in horror as a monkey determinedly chewed through and destroyed the car in front of us antennae and they were completely clueless.
And the last three pictures are just from a country park that we walked to. My boyfriend has the black labrador but was also looking after the beagle. It was around a 7 mile walk so by the time we got back, all of us were worn out!

So that's where I've been recently! Here there and everywhere but I'm back home now and have another review waiting in the aisles so look out for that being posted in the next few days!
Hope you are all well!