Thursday, 11 July 2013

How To Depot MAC Eyeshadows

MAC eyeshadow rice paper all that glitters

Today, I thought I would show you how to depot MAC Eyeshadows. At most MAC stores, you have the option of just asking for the eyeshadow pan so they can go straight into a palette but, when I was making the most of the duty free MAC in Gatwick, they told me they only had the ones in the pot. But not to worry, depotting MAC Eyeshadows are relatively easy to do. I'm going to be depotting my favourite of all time, Rice Paper and All That Glitters

how to depot MAC eyeshadow
The first bit you have to do is probably the fiddliest. The containers have a small groove between the bottom of the pan and the dish that the eyeshadow sits it. Using a sharp, flat knife, you need to carefully pry the two apart. I find it best to loosen the two corners and wiggle my way up. This bit is a bit annoying and it can take a while but persevere and it will pop out.
how to depot MAC eyeshadow
Next, wrap a bit of aluminium foil round some hair straighteners so you don't get any hot plastic on them and ruin them and let the pan sit on the hot iron for a minute or two so it softens the plastic and the glue. You may have to hold it down so it makes good contact with the heat and if so, please be careful of your fingers!
how to depot MAC eyeshadow
When the plastic is soft enough, you will be able to press your knife into the bottom of the plastic and push the bottom of the metal pan out. It will be hot so I use tweezers to get the metal pan out.
how to depot MAC eyeshadow
You will probably be left with a lot of glue residue on the bottom of the metal pan but a cotton wool pad with nail varnish will get it shiny and smooth and ready to sit in your palette.
how to depot MAC eyeshadow

And that's all it takes! Obviously, as you are using a sharp knife and heat, please be careful. 
Even doing these two, I caught myself on the edge of the straighteners.
Otherwise, this is a handy and straight forward way to depot MAC Eyeshadows
I hope this post was useful!


  1. Great tutorial, thank you! I'd never have thought of using straighteners to soften the glue.

    Jess xo

  2. This was so useful! I've been researching for ways to do this for ages!

    Bea xx

  3. I didn't even know you could do this! I want to start a palette now!

  4. I had no idea this was possible! Great tutorial! xx


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