Sunday, 16 June 2013

Brighton Fashion Week 2013: Sustain

Rebecca Jane Taylor Gore Tex Up-Cylce. Samantha-Jane Agbontaen Fabryan A/W13. Emma Burniston Smartfolk. Anna Bykova Esoterica. Brandy Nicole Easter The Unforgiver. George May Country Life. Daisy H-B Dumpster Designs. Anja Crab Past: Present. Liora Lassalle A/W13. Jack Kindred- Boothby 2013. Henrietta Ludgate Supernova.

Friday night was the second show of Brighton Fashion Week, named Sustain. Brighton boasts being the first city in the UK with a Green City in Parliament so it was really no surprise that it was chosen as the perfect place to highlight and showcase the use of eco friendly and sustainable fashion. It showed that while you could certainly create some more 'out there' pieces such as Rebecca Jane Taylor's Gore Tex Upcycle collection or the Dumpster Designs made out of recycled materials, it also showed that eco fashion was more versatile than that and could easily be a commercial option, as shown by the understated designs of the headliner Henriette Ludgate. Taking perhaps a more modern and wearable twist on a Star Trek uniform, the collection highlighted how simple and easy eco fashion could be, and given that reason, should there be any reason why more deisgners don't follow suite? Designers such as Emma Burniston and Brandy Nicole Easter presented us a playful of recylced and patchworked creations with a focus on a mixture of texture and patterns, contrasting with the more minimal designs of Anja Crabb and George May.

During the second show, I had managed to nab myself a better seat with a more suitable angle for lighting and had mastered what settings to use on my SLR. Despite all this, the second show felt a little lacklustre compared the extravagant finale of the Zeitgeist show and I left not feeling particularly overwhelmed with any of the collections. While it's easy to appreciate the ethical issues behind the Sustain show, an explanation of resources, for example, wouldn't have gone amiss. Given that the show finished early ahead of scheduled time, there was certainly enough time to give the audience just that little bit extra.

The final show- Showreel to come soon!
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