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Brighton Fashion Week 2013: Showreel

 Tracey Cochrane The Reincarnation. Mlle Yoko Kaleidoscope Dolls. Sarina Poppy Diamonds and Champagne. Curve Coutre Countryphile. Christina Pistofidou Pagliacci. Jylle Navarro Alien Invasion. Uta Bekaia & Ideal Glass New York The Purple Jester. Max Robinson Looks Dangerous You Go First (not in photos). Louise O'Mahony Nova. Katarzyna Konieczka La Beaut√© Terrifiante

The last of the Brighton Fashion Week photos I promise! These are from the last and final of the main shows in St Bartholomew's Church- Showreel- which was hand down my favourite show of them all. Showreel was a showcase for costume designers across the world. The slow start to the show was welcomingly broken with an upbeat show of Sarina Poppy's 1920's inspired Diamonds and Champagne collection. It then moved onto one of my favourite collections- the custom made lingerie line from Curve Couture. Very luxury, very glamorous but I don't think corsets for men will be catching on.
The most entertaining of the night was the acid trip that was the knitwear of Jylle Navarro, complete with neon knitted onesies and some bizarre dance moves. However, the highlight of the night was the performance of Uta Bekaia with costumes that look like they could have come straight out of a Doctor Who episode. Each piece was given a story behind it and narrated by a purple jester. It had the whole audience entranced as each intricately created piece worked its way down the catwalk. I had the pleasure of meeting Louise O'Mahony before the Showreel show and she is absolutely lovely. Her pieces were inspired my supernova and were very sparkly and girly. My friend and I agreed that she should get hold of Nicki Minaj as that was the first thing that came to mind .
Last but least was the dark and macabre works of Katarzyna Konieczka which was both beautiful and terrifying as the name would suggest. At times, disturbing with the use of clingy skin like fabric contrasted with surgical neck braces but also highlighting some intricate and delicate metal work and oriental inspired headpieces.
The Showreel event was highly enjoyable and entertaining, bringing some theatrical life to the occasionally dull catwalk. While many of the pieces are not necessarily wearable, Showreel was all about appreciating the time and skill that going into these works of art. And that they are indeed.

This concludes my post on Brighton Fashion Week
I hope you guys liked and normally blogging will resume shortly!

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