Saturday, 29 June 2013

Product Review: BiOrganics Salon Secrets

BiOrganics Replenishing Shampoo.Replenishing Treatment. Hair Perfecting Oil.

It was after a #bbloggers chat on Twitter a few weeks ago that I spied a tweet from BiOrganics asking if any bloggers would be interested in reviewing some of their products. Having already dabbled into sulfate free shampoo's, I jumped at the chance. BiOrganics are, as the name suggests, an all organic haircare brand that believes in no animal cruelty, is vegan and vegetarian. Their shampoo's are free from Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS), parabens and artificial colours or perfumes, making it a good product for people with sensitive skin- they have no unnecessary or harmful chemicals.

These are the products I was sent- the shampoo, the treatment and the hair oil, all of which contain argan oil, wheat proteins, lavender oil and ylang ylang. When I first started using it, the most immediate thing I noticed was the smell. It's quite a strong smell from the lavender and ylang ylang that together resemble the smell of those really strong medicated shampoo's. It's not unpleasant, but it might not be to everyone's taste.
The shampoo was as I expected. It cleaned my hair basically. The product claims to tame frizz but I have curly hair and live by the sea where it is both windy and humid in the summer so it's hard to tell whether it lives up to those claims. The treatment is essentially a conditioner and it does its job well as I leave it on to soak in while I get on with the rest of my shower. I like the fact that it comes in a pump bottle so you get just the right amount and a little goes a long way.
I couldn't help but compare the Elixir with the hair oil I usually which is L'Oreal's Mythic Oil. This oil feels much thicker and stickier in comparison but none of it transfers once the hair is dry and my ends feel nice and nourished. Another useful point is that the oil will help against heat so you can use it before straighteners or curlers on dry hair.
All three bottles retail for £35 making it quite pricey but I really appreciate the lengths they have gone to ensure their product is ethical and as natural as it can be. As I mentioned before, a little goes a long way so you can really stretch their worth out. There aren't many stockists but all of their products are available online.

Hope you found this review useful
Do you use any organic hair care products?

Monday, 24 June 2013

A Collective Summer Haul

H&M Checked Blouse.  New Look Raspberry Maxi Skirt. H&M Black Denim Skirt. New Look Scarf. H&M Vest.
Bershka Dress
H&M Heels
Piz Buin Oil. The Prisoner of Heaven. The Silver Linings Playbook

This is a bit of a collective haul from the past month or so. I've been trying to get a few bits together for my upcoming holiday and stuff that has generally caught my eye. We're off to Egpyt so bearing in mind it's going to be bloody hot, I've tried to pick up a few cheap items that I can wear around the hotel resort and can just slip on over my bikini. However, we're taking a trip into Jerusalem because we're going to be right up near the Israel Border (Taba basically) so I had the challenge of finding something nice to wear that would cover me up enough. Enter the gorgeous maxi skirt I bought from New Look who have loads of maxi skirts in different skirts at the moment. I think they're a perfect summer essential for when you want to be covered but cool. I'm going to pair it up with a loose long sleeve top and the New Look scarf so I can cover my head if I need to. I also discovered to my bank balance's despair that a Bershka had recently opened in Brighton so I picked up this cute strappy black top aswell. Apart from that, I have trawled around the shops but wasn't overly impressed with anything. I was gutted to find out that a pair of Topshop Adonis boots in the sale had been mis-sold as a 7 and 8, otherwise, I would have snapped them right up as they've sold out pretty much everywhere and disappeared off the website not long after.

The books I've shown you are two of three that I bought in preparation for the holiday but I've already ready two of them because I'm a massive book nerd when I have the time to be. The Prisoner of Heaven is the last book in a trilogy by my favourite author, Carlos Ruiz Zafon. The first instalment is named Shadow of the Wind and Angel's Game, both of which I recommend. It's translated from the original Spanish (which I'm also attempting to read) but Zafon is an amazing author who creates an enchanting image of the city of Barcelona during the Franco regime. It's got a little bit of everything- romance, action and mystery by the bucket load. I couldn't recommend it more.
The Silver Lining Playook I'm sure you've all heard of but after enjoying the film so much, I decided I wanted to read the original. Without giving too much away, it's actually quite different from the film but written so well- you can really get a sense of Pat's thinking as he comes to terms with his past. I would say, if you enjoyed the film, and want to get deeper into the storyline, give this a read. 

In other news, I've made a start on my room revamp and am looking forward to getting stuck in once we come back from holiday- I'll be taking plenty of picture, don't you worry aha. I desperately need book recommendations so please, throw them at me!

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Thursday, 20 June 2013

DIY Shabby Chic Dressing Table

shabby chic diy white dressing table

It's amazing what a lick of paint can do and if you're prepared for a bit of elbow work, you can turn an old, tired looking piece of furniture into something much more modern and fresh. I had been after a dressing table for a while now, but after looking online in the usual places such as Dunhelm and IKEA, I looking at around £100. However, my mum spied this little piece in a second hand shop just round the corner from us and it only cost us £45, after haggling it down from £60. Bargain, right?! Fair enough, it doesn't have a stool but we're raiding the second hand shop again in a few days time to look for something that would work with it.

To transform furniture into something like this, is surprisingly easy. The key is good wood and a lot of sandpaper. A lot of modern furniture is made out of MDF which doesn't work in the same way when it comes to sanding and repainting and that's why finding something made out of good solid wood  is really important. You basically want to sand down all the surfaces you're going to repaint- I used a sandpaper with a fine grain but medium would work to. You don't need to strip it right back to the original wood- you just need to take enough of the varnish off to give it a rougher surface and therefore something for the new layer of paint to cling on to. If there are any cracks in the wood, it's nothing some wood adhesive can't fix or, if needs be, a small nail and this should be done and left to dry before painting.
The paint I used was a matt paint in Natural Calico which we conveniently had in the shed and you can still get hold of. I was advised against using a gloss paint. I did two coats of paint, which in warm weather, dried within a few hours. Once everything was dry, I gave the edges a quick rub with a bit of sandpaper to rough them up a bit. If you want to distress the surfaces even more, use a medium grain sandpaper as the paint clogs the paper up more than a fine layer of varnish but I left mine as it is with white surfaces and a few rough edges. I will eventually shine up the handles on the draw eventually.

And that's all it takes. It's amazing how simple it can be. So if you're looking for some new furniture and don't mind a bit of hard work, take a look round your local second hand shops. You never know what you might find and with a bit of paint, a nice afternoon and a bit of time, you've got a completely transformed piece of furniture.

A little bit different, but I hope you guys have liked this post.

Monday, 17 June 2013

Brighton Fashion Week 2013: Showreel

 Tracey Cochrane The Reincarnation. Mlle Yoko Kaleidoscope Dolls. Sarina Poppy Diamonds and Champagne. Curve Coutre Countryphile. Christina Pistofidou Pagliacci. Jylle Navarro Alien Invasion. Uta Bekaia & Ideal Glass New York The Purple Jester. Max Robinson Looks Dangerous You Go First (not in photos). Louise O'Mahony Nova. Katarzyna Konieczka La Beauté Terrifiante

The last of the Brighton Fashion Week photos I promise! These are from the last and final of the main shows in St Bartholomew's Church- Showreel- which was hand down my favourite show of them all. Showreel was a showcase for costume designers across the world. The slow start to the show was welcomingly broken with an upbeat show of Sarina Poppy's 1920's inspired Diamonds and Champagne collection. It then moved onto one of my favourite collections- the custom made lingerie line from Curve Couture. Very luxury, very glamorous but I don't think corsets for men will be catching on.
The most entertaining of the night was the acid trip that was the knitwear of Jylle Navarro, complete with neon knitted onesies and some bizarre dance moves. However, the highlight of the night was the performance of Uta Bekaia with costumes that look like they could have come straight out of a Doctor Who episode. Each piece was given a story behind it and narrated by a purple jester. It had the whole audience entranced as each intricately created piece worked its way down the catwalk. I had the pleasure of meeting Louise O'Mahony before the Showreel show and she is absolutely lovely. Her pieces were inspired my supernova and were very sparkly and girly. My friend and I agreed that she should get hold of Nicki Minaj as that was the first thing that came to mind .
Last but least was the dark and macabre works of Katarzyna Konieczka which was both beautiful and terrifying as the name would suggest. At times, disturbing with the use of clingy skin like fabric contrasted with surgical neck braces but also highlighting some intricate and delicate metal work and oriental inspired headpieces.
The Showreel event was highly enjoyable and entertaining, bringing some theatrical life to the occasionally dull catwalk. While many of the pieces are not necessarily wearable, Showreel was all about appreciating the time and skill that going into these works of art. And that they are indeed.

This concludes my post on Brighton Fashion Week
I hope you guys liked and normally blogging will resume shortly!

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Brighton Fashion Week 2013: Sustain

Rebecca Jane Taylor Gore Tex Up-Cylce. Samantha-Jane Agbontaen Fabryan A/W13. Emma Burniston Smartfolk. Anna Bykova Esoterica. Brandy Nicole Easter The Unforgiver. George May Country Life. Daisy H-B Dumpster Designs. Anja Crab Past: Present. Liora Lassalle A/W13. Jack Kindred- Boothby 2013. Henrietta Ludgate Supernova.

Friday night was the second show of Brighton Fashion Week, named Sustain. Brighton boasts being the first city in the UK with a Green City in Parliament so it was really no surprise that it was chosen as the perfect place to highlight and showcase the use of eco friendly and sustainable fashion. It showed that while you could certainly create some more 'out there' pieces such as Rebecca Jane Taylor's Gore Tex Upcycle collection or the Dumpster Designs made out of recycled materials, it also showed that eco fashion was more versatile than that and could easily be a commercial option, as shown by the understated designs of the headliner Henriette Ludgate. Taking perhaps a more modern and wearable twist on a Star Trek uniform, the collection highlighted how simple and easy eco fashion could be, and given that reason, should there be any reason why more deisgners don't follow suite? Designers such as Emma Burniston and Brandy Nicole Easter presented us a playful of recylced and patchworked creations with a focus on a mixture of texture and patterns, contrasting with the more minimal designs of Anja Crabb and George May.

During the second show, I had managed to nab myself a better seat with a more suitable angle for lighting and had mastered what settings to use on my SLR. Despite all this, the second show felt a little lacklustre compared the extravagant finale of the Zeitgeist show and I left not feeling particularly overwhelmed with any of the collections. While it's easy to appreciate the ethical issues behind the Sustain show, an explanation of resources, for example, wouldn't have gone amiss. Given that the show finished early ahead of scheduled time, there was certainly enough time to give the audience just that little bit extra.

The final show- Showreel to come soon!
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Friday, 14 June 2013

Brighton Fashion Week 2013: Zeitgeist

St Bartholomew Church. Inside the church. Aimee Matthew-John Trousers. Belles Bejeweled This Is Exile. Magnea Einardóttir Still Attracted To Opposites. Major London 05 A/W13 Misunderstood. Tata Christiane Comet Club Collector
Brian Chan- The Fusion of Fine Art and Fashion. Katie Jones- Slab City S/S14
Frances O'Leary Time and Lines S/S14. Jovana Markovic A/W13

Jess Eaton- Parachutes and Birds. Roadkill Couture

Last night saw the arrival of the first show for Brighton Fashion Week, held in the stunning St Bartolomews Church in Brighton. The name of the show- Zeitgeist- and with a focus on time, it acknowledged ' inspiration from the past and pushing it into the future, all the while remaining rooted in the present'. The venue itself was amazing, with some of the highest ceilings I've seen in a church and with decor that fittingly seems to have succumbed to effects of time also. Zeitgeist showcased 12 currents designers including Dioralop, Hyungtae Kim and Faye Baldwin in addition to those mentioned above with the photos.

My favourite collections were the ones I expected that I would like- Aimée Matthew- John showed a collection of of on point tailoring with clean cut trousers and backless suits with . Initially inspired by menswear, she took the classic suit silhouette and adapted to a more feminine figure, teasing with small glimpses of flesh.
Belles Bejeweled was colourful yet simple in order to keep the focus on the intricate geometric laser cut jewellery. Combined with the vibrant headscarves, it was almost Middle Eastern with a modern twist.
Onto my two favourites- Jovana Markovic showcased her Autumn/Winter 13 line and it was everything I hoped it would be with the use of black and oxblood leather contrasting with lighter and lacier fabrics. Of all of the collections, this is one which I could see being transferred into high street fashion, ideal for the upcoming autumn season. It's the perfect balance of gothic and girly which I could see many people falling for.
Along with Jovana, I also loved the work of Frances O'Leary with a collection named Time and Lines. Printed onto a silky almost sheer fabric, there was a mix of whispy linear patterns, reminiscent of tree tops, and softened tie dye/ batik print resembling space images. Again this was one of the collections that I could see being sold into the 'Great British Highstreet'. I nod my head to the use of silver glittery jelly shoes as footwear, a throwback to 90's childhood for myself.
A honourable mention has to be made to Katie Jones who featured neon crocheted sugar skull balaclavas and indeed a very bright collection over all and Brian Chan, who perhaps drew the most murmurs in the crowd with his bizarre yet colourful creations- it was aptly named the Fusion of Fashion and Art. They were kooky and certainly unusual but we wouldn't expect anything less.

Last but not least was the highlight of the Zeitgeist show- Jess Eaton and her Roadkill Couture collection. Despite an unexpected 20 minute wait, it was worth it to see how she used recycled parachute fabric and the feathers of dead birds  and antlers to create some truly outstanding creations. They ranged from perhaps more wearable looks with feathered details to the beautiful final pieces- one-a meringue of shredded fabric that looked ethereal coming down the catwalk and the second an almost religious, golden winged dress complete with feathered halo. Full props to Jess Eaton for creating what must have been a time consuming and skilled work of love. To the people who left during the wait, I'm sure they regret it.

The next show is Sustain with a focus of eco and ethical fashion
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