Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Outfit Of The Day- Hey Iron Man, Hey Spidey

T-shirt- Topshop
Leggings- H&M
Shoes- New Look

Hey guys! I just had to share with you this T-shirt I picked up a few weeks ago. It's Iron Man and Spidey! I have to admit I bought the T-shirt almost entirely for the Iron Man element. And to be honest, the Iron Man element just reminds me of Robert Downey Jr and who doesn't want to be reminded of that- he's a badass. I even managed to walk around in this without the need for the jacket. I love the hour change as it means there's enough light still for me to drag the boy outside for an OOTD after I get back from uni.

I spent last weekend up at my boyfriends house before we headed back to university together. It's his birthday in a few weeks time but he always does something big with his family in the holidays. We ended up going paintballing... which was an experience... a very muddy, muddy experience.... Not entirely my cup of tea but the weekend as a whole was fun.
I've been a bit stressed out with uni recently too. We have to write a research proposal for our project that we do on our year abroad next year. I think I've rewritten mine about 5 times and it's due in on Thursday and is still is only half doing. I'll be glad to see the back of it by the end of the week. And then exam revision kicks in but at least I'm done by the end of May! I have a nice long summer to enjoy before I ship out to Spain in September.

Hope you guys are keeping well!
Who else is enjoying the lighter evenings?!


  1. Good luck with your studies! School is a pain in the butt this semester! That shirt is just EPIC. Iron Man is the cooliest, of cool, and yes a daily reminder of robert Downey Jr. is never a bad thing! I love t-shirts with super heroes on them ( I own about my 4, my guilty pleasure!) Can't believe you found that at TopSHop will have to explore and get myself one! Lovely outfit :) Two thumbs up!

    - Jess
    The Mod Mermaid

  2. Thanks for leaving me your link in tonight's chat. Love this outfit, i'm a huge super hero fan haha x

  3. wow,it looks so nice,you are great,I also like the Iron Man t shirt.


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