Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Outfit Of The Day- ASOS Pencil Skirt

Vest- H&M
Skirt- ASOS
Necklace- H&M

If you've been in the UK recently, you'll know that we finally seem to be having a spring after what feels like the longest winter ever. We're still at that point where it's warm in the sun but cold in the shade and later on in the day. My solution to that? Midi skirt. They cover enough of your legs to keep you warm once it starts getting a bit chillier and I am totally in love with them. This is actually my second jersey midi pencil skirt from ASOS. The orange is perfect for summer and work really well with those of us that have a olive complexion and I also have one in a bright cobalt blue. As you can just see in the second picture, it comes down to just below the knee and I have found that they can limit how quickly you can walk due to how tight they are. It's even worse walking up the hill to uni- I had to do tiny little geisha steps the whole way up.... Other than that the quality is great and not see through which is always a good thing when your wearing a tight skirt.

I'm hoping to do more outfits now that the light has come back but I can't guarantee anything as I am *swamped* with uni work for the next couple of weeks. Also, unfortunately, even with a tripod, I simply don't have enough space in my small little student room to get a full body shot. That comes only if I nag the boyfriend....

Anyway, I just though I'd share this really simple summer outfit with you
I hope you like


  1. The pencil skirt is absolutely gorgeous x

  2. this colour is amazinggg and looks so good on you xxx


  3. Your figure looks absolutely flawless in this! Wish it was my figure!

  4. The skirt is nice, and I love your glasses! I know it's not the main focus but they're so funky!

    withlovefromsophie.com <3

    1. Oh thank you! They're an old pair from Specsavers

  5. That skirt is so lovely, you really suit the colour :)

    Dusterknuckles | Fashion // Beauty // Lifestyle

  6. You look lovely! :) I really like your skirt lovely! x Laura


  7. Gorgeous outfit. Love the colour of your skirt, been on the lookout for a midi, it really suits you.

    xo ellie blog | design

    1. Try ASOS- loads in different colours!
      Thanks for the comment

  8. Fab outfit! Wish I could pull off a midi like that! Thanks for linking me your blog on twitter, I'm now following :) xx


  9. Such a statement skirt! You look gorgeous!
    Bekki Inguz-Fashionx


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