Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Lately: Where Have You Been?

Oh I know I've been a bad blogger recently... I hang my head in shame. But I thought I would let you in on the reason as to why I've been so absent. Every year my university holds a dance show with all the dance societies and you get all the usuals like ballet, tap, street etc etc yadda yadda but this is the first time bellydance has been in the show. We're a relatively small society and still in the baby phase but hopefully we will be getting more interest. So the last couple of weeks has been the run up to it and I've had rehearsals coming out of my ears on top of the usual uni work. I just out of the house to long to ever get a decent OOTD and I haven't been buying much either. So yes, above you have a video of all of us doing the Harlem Shake as a promo for it! I'm pretty much in the middle to the right slightly if you can spot me. But once the show is over, I should get some more free time!

In other news, me and James had a fairly chill Valentines day. We both went to Circuits at the gym which everyone found a bit weird but we went home afterwards and made a lovely dinner with ginger and lime sea bass which was lovely even if filleting a fish with a not very sharp knife was a challenge and a half. We also went out for a proper pub lunch at the weekend. I don't know whether I've mentioned it yet or not but we're also jetting off to Barcelona for a mini break at the start of the Easter holidays- so about in a months time- so you can expect a few posts on that. Annoyingly we're only taking hand luggage so anything I buy has to be within the 100ml limit. I was considering doing a vlog until I found out I have no editing software on my computer whatsoever so if you can reccommend any video editing software for Windows, please let me know :)

Anyway I just thought I'd let you know what's been going on my end recently. I hope to be back to full blogging capacity soon and I'll keep you all updated. If you like to see photos from the dance show, let me know or follow me on Instagram: LeaDee9
Hope you've all been keeping well!


  1. That food looks so yummy:) x

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  2. I would love to start belly dancing, I can't wait to go to uni so I can join societies x

    1. Deinately join societies! It's one of the best part about uni!


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