Sunday, 27 January 2013

Product Review: Organix Coconut Milk Review

I've always toyed with the idea of purchasing sulphate free shampoo- a product I thought was much more common in the States and promoted by a lot of women with afro-carribean hair. I certainly wasn't expecting to see it in the supermarkets around in the UK. However, I was browsing round Boots the other day- actually looking for the L'Oreal sulfate free range when I noticed this brand was on offer and on further inspection with the ingredients, discovered it was sulphate free. Sulphate based chemicals are used in most shampoo's you get in the shops- they're the chemical that helps it foam and clean your hair  but also in the process, strips hair of its natural oils. With curly hair, I'm always looking for ways to keep my hair as healthy as possible so I popped these straight away into my basket.

I have to admit the biggest appeal to me was the coconut element of it- I LOVE the smell of coconut and the shampoo lives up to it. Such a divine smell. As you can see as well, it contains egg proteins which is great for your hair. So how does it hold up in the shower? Well, the first thing I noticed straight away with both the shampoo and the conditioner is that they were really thick compared to a standard shampoo, the conditioner even more so. The shampoo had no problem foaming up and my hair felt reeally really clean after, which makes you think why they bother adding them in the first place? I feel like this shampoo really helped get rid of any build up I might have had on my hair. I have heard some people have problems with it drying their hair out but I have very fine, thin curly hair and didn't have any problem with it. And the conditioner is fantastic in reducing frizz and tangles. As always, I leave it on for as long as I can while I get on with the rest of my shower. Once it's dried, my hair felt really nice and soft.
After a few weeks, one of the biggest differences I noticed was how much less hair was falling out in the shower. When I wash my hair, that's really the time I work all the tangles and knots out and I don't brush my hair dry, so before, I'd always get a fair clump of hair in my hand after. After using this for a while, there was barely any fall out! I couldn't believe it. And when you've got fine hair, every strand counts!

My only niggle with the product was with the packaging. I haven't exactly got the strongest hands or upper body strength, but after two uses, I was really struggling to squeeze the conditioner out. It may well be a two hand job and because it has a rounded top, you can't sit it upside on the side of your bath. Just a bit irritating.

As I said, I only bought these because I saw they were on offer and out of curiousity. At £6 normal retail price, they're nearly double the price of a standard price of Herbal Essence for example and are a bit harder to get hold of. I'm really impressed with this product and I think I'm becoming a sulfate-free shampoo convert!

Have you had any experience with any Sulphate Free Shampoos?


  1. I'm currently trying to incorporate SLS free shampoos into my hair care routine. I still have older shampoos though with sulpahtes in as I want to use them up. I like the idea of SLS free but it sure is weird using them at first!

    The only ones I have tried are by Naked, these don't lather up much in my opinion.

    Amy xx
    A Little Boat Sailing

    1. I've never heard of Naked. Will have to look it up- thank you!

  2. Thanks for reviewing these! My mom & I were just musing over the whole line the other day @ Walgreens here in the states. I definitely try to stay away from sulfates (they are more harmful than just stripping oils - they've been liked to illness, etc). I have fine hair & typically get oily hair on the 2nd day. Do you think it would be too heavy for my hair?

    1. I'm a total convert to them now, I think they're definately worth the money. I have fine hair to and have had no problem with it

  3. I used that shampoo and conditioner for about a year and loved the results. Before using sulfate-free shampoos, I always thought my hair was stunted and could never grow past a certain length. Once I made the switch, my hair's quality dramatically improved, and my hair easily grows 1/2 to a full inch per month.
    In January I felt like changing things up and switched to Renpure Originals. At first I loved the results, but over time I liked it less and less. Their products contain silicone which started to make my hair feel heavy and dehydrated.
    As recently as today I've switched to Burt's Bees Shampoo and Conditioner, which are in the 98-99% natural range. So far, so good!

    1. Yes! I always though mine grew to a certain point and then gave up and now my hair is so much healthier. I will have to look into Burts Bees- thanks for the reccommendation

  4. How often do you wash your hair with this shampoo/conditioner?


  5. Wow, great article, I really appreciate your thought process and having it explained properly, thank you!

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