Saturday, 21 December 2013

Back Home

Yes! I am back in the UK and thoroughly enjoying gorging myself on gingerbread and proper tea albeit hiding in bed from the atrocious weather outside. That's certainly not been something I missed. On the 17th, I made the journey back home after carefully weighing my suitcase and was relieved to see I had 4kg to spare and at least 3kg was Christmas food I was bringing back home. So plenty of space to fill up when I go sales shopping.
The next day I made a beeline to Brighton where I met up with one of my uni friends who'd been out living in Brazil since summer. I naturally took the opportunity to meet up before she disappeared back into the wilderness. We had a good chat and catch up over coffee before strolling around the Laines looking at stuff I either couldn't afford or that made it onto my mental list to pick up in the sales.
One of the best finds of the day was discovering Tortilla, a Mexican version of subway with burritos and tacos instead of sandwiches. And my lord, it was delicious. We both chose the vegetarian, naked burrito (no wrap basically) which came with coriander rice, black beans, onions, pepper, a mild salsa and a big ole heap of guacamole. I polished mine off far too quickly.
Yesterday I also go my hands on my belated birthday present- a 50mm lens for my camera and I am beyond excited to start taking more photos with it. Because it's quite a light weight lens, I hope to take my camera out and about with me a bit more. My sister's present to me was paying for another piercing- I decided to get my forward/anti helix pierced so I'm in the process of caring for piercing no. 6.
I'm spending 10 days here at home and then I'm heading off to the boyfriends for a week over New Years. They're conveniently doing works on the rail network that I usually take to get there so I've got a bit more of  a longwinded journey but as long as I get there eventually! 

If I don't post before Christmas, I hope you all have a lovely Christmas.
Eat lots of food and enjoy yourselves

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Outfit Of The Day- The Winter Uniform

Jacket- ASOS
Necklace- Zara
Short- American Apparel
Boots- Topshop (last season)

This is fast becoming my favourite winter combination- my trusty leather jacket, a big ole scarf and big clompy boots. Mix with jeans depending on the weather. And the scarf is an absolute god send, it's like a blanket and it keeps you so warm and it's so soft. I'd massively recommend checking out the scarves in Zara- they always do great accessories and I've been lusting after a tartan scarf ever since it started getting cold.
I'm still trying to figure out lighting/ the best place to take outfit photos in my flat here in Spain. However, I figured as long as I've got my tripod up and ready, at least if I have some time before I shoot off out to uni or when I come back and no one is in, I can maybe try and do a few more OOTD's done. I miss my wardrobe back in England, feel like I'm missing so much :'( Damn you easyJet and your weight restrictions!

I hope you guys like.
Do you have a staple winter wardrobe combination too?

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Product Review- Bioderma Micellar Sensibio Water

I know what you're thinking- that I'm a bit late to the party with this one. But the fact is that I've been dying to try Bioderma ever since I saw the first posts about it doing the rounds on Blogger. It sounded like some HG product for taking off make up but of course, to being with, you could only seem to get in France. Well I was walking around Granada the other day and spied this in the window of a pharmacy. I hadn't seen it sold anywhere else so instantly jumped at the chance.

And to be honest, it is absolutely fabulous for taking off make up. One of my biggest gripes with a lot of facial cleansers or make up wipes is the way that it a)stings your eyes or b) you have to rub your eyes really hard and still end up looking like a panda. Well not with Bioderma. I apply it with a cotton pad before I go to bed and simply hold it to my eye for a little while and it just comes off with one wipe. Without stinging either, as long as you're not too overly generous with how much you use. It also takes off foundation pretty well too although it should be remembered that Bioderma is not a cleanser. It's not going to give you the deeper cleaning that you expect with a cleanser. Ideally, you want to be using this before you wash your face properly to ensure that all your make up is off before you hit the pillow. This is the standard bottle that is designed for sensitive skin but I believe you can also get one designed for oily skin also, although I'm yet to spot it anywhere in Spain. Another handy little perk is the packaging which has a little pump that you press a cotton wool pad on. It's by no means essential but is a good way to control how much you're using. One pump is equivalent to one mascara-ed eye I find.
A drawback is the price. I bought this for 20 euros which is roughly £17 but you do get a bottle of 500ml which I suspect would last a rather long time. You can buy Bioderma online in the Uk and I'm sure I heard rumours of it arriving in Boots, but I'm not sure. If anyone can confirm, let me know. Or, of course, the next time you head on a little EU holiday, be sure to check out the pharmacies!

Hope you guys are keeping well and warm!
The winter has arrived very suddenly here in Granada.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Adding To My Mac Palette- Honesty and Sumptuous Olive

mac eyeshadow sumptous olive honest

I'm not dead, I promise! It was a great surprise that I discovered that there was a MAC shop in the centre of Granada and after walking past in many times, I finally gave into temptation and popped in. I had been eyeing up Sumptuous Olive for a while now, and it's a branch out from my usual neutrals. As the name suggests, it's an olive colour with a lot of gold shimmer,making it one of those shades that could be two different colours depending on the light and the combination of the two make is a great shade for people with brown or green eyes.
Honesty is described as a pewtered bronze which is about right as there is a pink peach undertone and again has a lot of shimmer. Looking at my palette, I would say it's a cross between Naked Lunch with the pink and All That Glitters for the bronze-y shimmer.

L-R starting in top right- Shroom, Rice Paper x2, Naked Lunch, All That Glitters, Honesty, Woodwinked, Mythology, Mulch, Cranberry, Embark, Satin Taupe, Sumptuous Olive and Carbon
I've included a picture of how my palette is now so you can see how the shades all compare to each other. As you can see, I'm very drawn to my neutrals and bronzes. I'm tempted to fill the last spot with a bit of a wild card colour so watch this spot. On another note, Sumptuous Olive doubled up great as a green countour for my Medusa Halloween costumes. If you want to see a picture, it's here on my Instagram

Hope you guys had a great Halloween.
Any suggestions for the last spot?

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Life Lately 007

L-R, Top- Bottom- 1. Tempestade. Storm in Portuguese, one of our cats. 2. Sunny day out. 3. Beautiful architecture on Gran Vía. 4. Albacín by night. 5. View from uni in the evening. 6. Entrance wall to Calle Elvira. 7. Plaza Triunfo. 8. Ice cream at La Cala, best coffee ever. 9. Our new adoptee.

Apologies all around for not having updated in so long. I thought I would share some of my Instagram snaps to show you what I've been up to. I've actually started uni lessons now and, a whole month later, am finally enrolled. Spanish administration is not the fastest or most efficient.However, I don't have classes on a Friday and therefore have a 3 day weekend, so I can't complain. We've also acquired a new cat, the little white kitten in the bottom corner, which was found abandoned, so we now have three. How anyone could abandon such a cutie is beyond me.

I have to admit I'm in a bit of a rut with blogging simply because I haven't been buying that much. I'm waiting on some ERASMUS grant money at the moment, which, with any luck, I should have by next week. And then maybe I'll celebrate by going shopping of course... I can't really post much about winter trends either because it's still boiling hot here- a high twenty on a sunny day and I'm beginning to get impatient for the day I can wrap myself up in my coat and scarf. However, my boyfriend is coming out in a few weeks time so I will get a chance to be a real tourist and my parents are sending me out some stuff including my tripod so keep an eye out. Otherwise, apologies for a slow slow month.


Saturday, 28 September 2013

What I Bought: Spain Shopping

Shana White Jmper. Quilted grey skirt- a dead ringer for this ASOS skirt
Grey H&M Jumper Dress. Zara Tartan Skirt
Zara Tartan Trousers. Zara Playsuit. Blanco clutch. Blanco sandals.

One of the upsides to having to massively downsize your wardrobe during a move is that when you finally arrive, you get to go shopping. And, of course, once I had unpacked and wondered how so little ended up weighing so much, I headed into town. My favourite purchase so far has been the Zara scarf. I've been wanting a tartan scarf for ages and this is so big and so soft, it's perfect to be matched with my leather jacket. It's still very hot here in Spain but today it rained so it was the first real hint of autum I've seen so far so it's made me excited for jumpers and scarves. I'd also have to say the white Blanco sandals have been a life saver. My old Topshop shoes are well overdue a date with the bin and these sandals just did the job. Although they were cheap, I've been doing so much walking over the past two weeks or so, I've already worn a hole into one of the soles.

In other news, I had my first classes in the University of Granada. As ERASMUS, we had the week to try out a few classes and then decided what we want to do before we enrol much later on- Spanish bureaucracy is not the best organised. Everything takes about a month to get done. But, regardless, I've settled on beginners Arabic, Ancient Greek History and the history of women in contemporary arab society. Bit of a mix but they all looked v interesting. Combine that with the Spanish penchant for partying until sunrise and you'll understand why I'm writing this completely vegged out in bed. But that's just weekends are for!

Hope you're all well

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Bienvenidos a Granada- First Look

Bienvenidos a Granada! Welcome to Spain, or rather, my new home for the next 9 months or so. I arrived a week ago tomorrow, on the Wednesday and promptly went straight to bed, knackered after an early flight followed by a long bus journey. I now have somewhere to live in a lovely apartment block full of other ERASMUS students and I even have two kittens in my flat! Jackpot aha! I'm still getting used to the pace of Spanish life which is generally quite slow... and the fact that a lot of things close for the siesta around 2 and absolutely nothing is open on a Sunday. We've mainly spent most of the days just walking around. Everything in Granada is within walking distance, and when it's nice sunny weather, you really don't mind. Because I've been here before and because I'm here for the whole year, I'm not in a massive rush to go round all the typical tourist haunts such as the Alhambra and the Cathedral
So these are really just a few snaps that I've taken recently and I'm sure there will be more coming. I hope you don't mind. I'm also working on a small haul because I have, naturally, been shopping as my wardrobe has been seriously diminished despite my suitcase eventually being a few kg overweight... My semester starts next week so until then, I'll be making the most of this gorgeous city!


Monday, 9 September 2013

A Rather Big Update

Good  big news everyone! Excuse my Professor Farnsworth but he was the first thing that came to my mind but for this big update, totally appropriate.
For those of you who might not know, I study Spanish at university and I'm about to go into my third academic year, which is an obligatory year abroad. So yep, you've guessed it. I'm moving. To Granada in southern Spain to be precise. I chose Granada because I actually visited the city when I spent some of my gap year in Seville two years ago and absolutely loved it there. I'm doing the ERASMUS exchange which means I still attend university, except the one in Granada, while also working on a mini dissertation type project for my home university. I'm very nervous/excited/lucky to have the opportunity to study abroad.
The first couple of weeks are guaranteed to be very hectic and all of my photography stuff can't come out with me until my parents ship some more stuff over to me later on in the year. Seriously, I have a 23kg allowance and a lot of shoes.... Challenge accepted.
I guess what I'm trying to say is please bear with me while I get settled in. I will probably shift to lifestyle/travel post for a while until my tripod gets to me later on and OOTD's can happen again. I'm not sure about beauty because I'm aware that most of my readers are from the UK and Spanish products might not be of interest? Let me know and I'll share hauls with you too :)

Don't forget you can keep track of me on Twitter and Instagram
which will be updated more regularly
Thanks guys and much love <3

Friday, 6 September 2013

Outfit Of The Day- White Out

Blazer- Topshop
Vest- H&M
Shorts- Zara

As promised, this is wore on our day out in Brighton a few days ago. The Topshop blazer is a new love of mine. I bought it because I absolutely fell in love with it and then argued that it would be perfect for Spain....*cough* It really is gorgeous though and the clean simple and tailored fit to it really suits my figure. And seeing as it was a nice warm sunny day, I ended up wearing all white, quite the contrast to my previous OOTD of all black. It was nice to get the pins out for one last day of sunshine at any rate. I'm sitting here writing this listening to the rain absolutely pour down and I have to go out soon...
These pictures were taken in the beautiful Pavillion gardens so if you're ever down Brighton way, they're definitely worth a stroll round or perfect for a picnic lunch.


Thursday, 5 September 2013

Bills Brighton And Gelato Gusto

Sorry for being a bit awol from the blogging scene. My boyfriend has been down for the last couple of days so we've been busy getting out and about and enjoying this sudden flare of nice weather we've been having in England. One of the nicest days was conveniently the day we headed into Brighton so I though I would share the snaps of that day.
Our first stop was Bills for lunch. I had always wanted to go to Bills but had never gotten round to it so we headed down to the ex bus depot restaurant, not far from the station. I went for a pink lemonade and the houmous and halloumi burger which tasted incredible and lasted all about 5 minutes before I had eaten it. The boy had a half chicken with rice, which would normally sound fairly dull, except the chicken was chargrilled and smoky and the rice seasoned and aromatic. My one reservation was the price which had always seemed to be just that tad over priced but the flavours and location won me round.
We didn't stay for dessert as we headed over to one of my other favourite food places in the Brighton North Laines- Gelato Gusto who do some of the nicest gelato I've tasted  and initially won me round with their perfect pistachio ice cream. We shared 3 scoops between up- hazelnut, salted caramel and pecan and the beast that was Ecuadorian dark chocolate which was the real winner. It put all other chocolate ice cream to shame. It was so rich and gooey. NUM. That also didn't last long.
And eventually, we walked allll the way round Brighton, all through the Laines and through the Pavillion gardens where I took some picture for an OOTD which will be making an appearance shortly.

Hope you're all enjoying the last burst of sunshine

Thursday, 29 August 2013

My Make-Up Storage

I decided on a whim today to finally photo my make up storage. This is the first time ever that I've got a proper table and units set up. For many years before, I just had a box on the floor.... but floor box no more! My gorgeous little dressing table is actually a second hand table that I DIY-ed and now I thought I'd show how I've got it all set up.
My table is quite handy as it has a little shelf in front of the mirror. Here I store a mixture of my daily hair and skin products and my two perfumes. Tucked away underneath is all my regular everyday make up which is usually sprawled all over the place rather than being so neat! I also have my plug/earring Buddha box that I inherited from my Dad.
To the left, to the left.... My make up storage. This was a little something that I bought from The Range, a homeware shop I know we have down South but I'm not sure where else. It's got three tiered shelves and a draw where I store all of the make up that I don't use as much any more. The first row is dedicated entirely to lip products and I'm pleased I've managed to downscale my number of lipsticks and then I have a few glosses and lipliners thrown in.
In the middle are blushers that I use regularly so the like of my NARS Orgasm and MAC Springsheen. The NARS ones slot in niely but MAC, being round, are definitely a bit more awkward to store.
On the top is a mix of everything. I have all my make up brushes, mainly eye ones that I don't use that often, sitting in the left corner, then eyeliners, highlighters and concealers and finally some foundations that I don't use much any more.
Behind in the left shelf corner, are a few other skin saviours such as Bio Oil, Tea Tree Oil and Germolene, which combined come together to form my ultimate spot fighting trio. Oh, and a happy little Buddha!
My table handily has a little draw underneath it where a few more beauty bits lie. Nail varnishes, hairgrips and hair bands, eyelashes and  face wipes. All the little bits and bobs you don't want lying around. They're kept organised by some little black drawers that I stole from an office organiser.

And there we have it, there's really not more to it than that.
Hope you enjoyed reading!

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Outfit Of The Day- All Black Errrthing

Jacket- ASOS
Vest- H&M
Jeans- ASOS
Boots- Topshop Adonis
Necklace- H&M

This is what I wore to the Southampton Bloggers Meet Up the other day. It had been threatening rain all day and as I was getting ready, there was a massive thunderstorm with shake the house loud thunder. Thankfully it stopped before I had to leave but I decided to play it safe. Weirdly enough, I managed to go the entire day without even needing to open my umbrella.
The boots are last season Topshop, the beautiful Adonis boots in Oxblood, that I won off eBay not long ago and I had been dying to give them a proper outing. They have a cut out section on the side and I'm sure I will wear them to death over winter so keep an out for them!

I'm just beginning to lust over Autumn/Winter fashion but I'm trying hard to resist as it's still very warm in Spain.
Hope you guys have had a good weekend!

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Southampton Bloggers Meet Up

On Saturday 24th, I popped back to my university town of Southampton to go to the blogger's meet up organised by Hannah who was the force behind previous meet ups in Bournemouth. We set up camp in Orange Rooms for the afternoon and I'm ashamed to admit that even after 2 years in Soton, I didn't know that Orange Rooms was even open in the day as I had only ever known it as a club. However, I was quite delighted to see possibly one of the best fish tanks I've laid eyes on complete with Star War's AT AT's. I can highly recommend the sweet potato fries- why don't more people do this?!There were cakes, sweets, lots of chatting and even a quiz that we all drew on, after which I went and did some henna on some the girls as well. There were lots of familiar faces but it was also great to see so many new ones as well! At the end of the afternoon, we all received a goody bag full of little beauty treats including some Pretty Polly tights and Essie nail polishes! So a huge thanks to My Curves & Me and F&F at Tesco for helping out with them
I also took it as a chance to the get the second piercing in my ear now that I have finished stretching. I had wanted it done all summer but after having a look around in my local area, it was about £35! Which I thought was a bit much for stabbing two holes in someone's ears. I first went to Pauly's Tattoo's when I was having problems with my nose piercing and I can honestly say they're one of the nicest piercing places I've ever been too. The guy I spoke to knew straight away what I needed to do and upon taking his advice, it sorted out the bump on my nose a real treat. Their genuinely friendly staff are a real credit to them and they don't rip you off, it's only £10 pound a piercing, maybe a bit more for something a bit more extravagant, and only cost me £15 for both my lobes. I can hugely recommend them but they are also a bit tucked away in Carlton Place, behind Bedford place, if you're familiar with Southampton.

All in all, a very successful trip! 
I'm putting this post up rather quickly as I'm off to the boy's for the bank holiday weekend.
Enjoy the long weekend!