Monday, 3 December 2012

Product Review- Laura Mercier Eyeshadow

laura mercier eyeshadow
laura mercier eyeshadow
laura mercier eyeshadow
laura mercier baked eyeshadow black kharat

Laura Mercier Eyeshadows in Black Kharat and Guava

So as I mentioned in my previous post, I haven't been too thrilled with a lot of stuff in the shops at the moment so when I went in again for a second browse, I ended up lurking around the beauty counters in John Lewis. I remembered vaguely of an eyeshadow me and a friend saw aaages ago and we both loved, so I tracked it down to the baked eyeshadow Black Kharat. And it is gorgeeeouusss. The photo's really don't do it justice. It's an amazing black gold with a gold pearl. It's really subtle- enough so to be worn during the day. Another thing with baked eyeshadows is that they can be worn wet for a more intense look which I have yet to try! I'm scared it'll ruin the eyeshadow but definitely on the pricey side at £18- more than a MAC eyeshadow.

The one is Guava which is a bit of disappointment. Once applied on the actual eye, it really doesn't show up that much, especially if it was used as one wash of colour. Might be enough for a highlight but not much else. It's also reeeally finely milled so it's a little bit on the powdery side of things. I'm sure I'll get some use out of it as I do use neutrals a lot but I'm not so impressed with the quality.

So that's my review of Laura Mercier eyeshadows. 
I really want to try the tinted moisturiser which I've heard a lot of things about so if anyone's used this or has a review on it, please let me know and leave me a link- I'd love to read it!
Have a good day guys :)


  1. Black Kharat looks lovely! Looks like MACs Tempting shadow! xo

  2. the baked eyesahdow is gorgeous!! I love Laura Mercier. x


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