Thursday, 27 December 2012

Merry Christmas and Sales Bargains

Heels- Zara Sale
Heels- New Look Sale
Blazer- River Island Sale
Dress- Zara Sale
Origins- Night-A- Mins

Hello! Hope you all had a good Christmas with lots of nice things!
Christmas isn't really a big affair in my house- minimal decorations or fuss and we don't go all out for presents as we'd all rather hit the sales/keep it to a smaller budget. So I thought I'd show you what I've snapped up so far. A few bargains but nothing insane. I'm particularly pleased with the two pairs of heels- both pairs that I had had my eye on prior to the sales and luckily were reduced. I got a pair of Superdry trackies actually for Christmas and they are so soft and warm! Perfect for when I'm trudging to the gym/ really cannot be bothered for an early start at uni.

But the real bargain that I got has yet to come. I did an order with Urban Outfitters- 4 items all in the sale. If I had bought them all at full price, they would have come in at just over £140. In the sale- around £83. I then managed to get student discount and free delivery on top of that so the total came to just over £70! Bargain! Including a new pair of black jeans. So I'm really chuffed for that but I'm just patiently waiting for the dispatch notice. I go back to university on the 5th and I ordered it to my home address so I'm hoping it gets here on time!

Apart from that, I'm feeling slightly overwhelmed with how much work I have to do still including 3 deadlines in the first week and then 2 exams and an essay in the two weeks after that. Slightly stressed but it because my timetable is reduced, hopefully I'll motivate myself to get to the library most days and power through the revision!

So I hope you are all keeping well and warm
And have a fabulous New Year


  1. I know that feeling of being overwhelmed with work like that! Sometimes a small bargain is worth it! : ) The shoes and jacket are gorgeous!

  2. Lots of lovely products. Small bargains are amazing! I love going into a store and finding something I love for a tiny amount.

    Love the shoes.


  3. I love the look of that green dress! And student discounts are just a godsend aren't they :) Thanks for sending me your link during the #bbloggers chat, I'm a new follower! xx

    Angelica [One Little Vice]

    1. They really are! Wish more shops did it though!

  4. the shoes are gorgeous!
    hareem x

  5. I wish this dress was in my local zara sale as I would have swiped it up. You have some great bits here. Thanks for sending your link, please check mine out :) xx

  6. I love both those pairs of shoes, particularly the studded detail ones! So so pretty! xo

  7. Absolutely love those cream Zara shoes!!! perfect :)


  8. That food looks soooooo good haha! I adore your photos, I really need me one of those Nikons! :)

  9. Wow, those nude shoes with the studded ankle strap are such beauts! And they'll go with everything, what a bargain. Also pretty envious of your Origins Night a mins as have had my eye on that for ages, looking forward to a review.
    Mel xx


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