Monday, 31 December 2012

Top 12 of 2012

So I thought today of all days would be the perfect time to share with you my Top 12 of 2012. It's a complete mix of things- beauty, clothes, music etc etc but these are really things that I could not have lived without throughout 2012.
In no particular order

L'Oreal Mythic Oil
I've had this for quite a while now actually but it's still something I couldn't live without. I use it religiously every time I wash my hair and it's great for curly hair like mine. It also helps keep it healthy and happy and I'm proud to say my hair is in great condition.

Real Techniques Eye Brushes
A fairly recent purchase and something I never quite got round to photographing for my blog. I love these brushes and they're great quality. Now I've started branching out a bit in regards to eye make up, I feel I can properly follow all those lovely tutorials you see on Youtube

MAC Fanfare Lipstick
I bought this a while ago and haven't stopped wearing  it since. It goes great with my skin tone and isn't too much of a bright pink so it can be worn day or night. A very flattering and versatile lipstick.

ASOS Leather Jacket
This jacket has done me proud. I basically live in it. 
It's warm, well made and a bargain at £100 for real leather

MAC Ricepaper Eyeshadow
My first MAC eyeshadow and the one that set me off on a quest to complete a 15x palette... I'm 2/3 of the way there now. A gorgeous pale gold that works great as a base and lightens up the eye area. 
Great if you're a glasses wearer like me

Body Shop Seaweed Range
Throughout this year, I've been working my way through quite a few new skin care brands and while usually initially impressed with them, so many of them ended up drying out my skin. Enter The Body Shop. A great range and perfect for combination/oily skin. This range has not dried me out, is gentle on the skin and gets stubborn eye makeup off

Again, quite a recent purchase but again something that I have lived in. Apart from when it's really raining, cuz they're not so great for that... Very comfortable and makes an outfit look instantly a combination of casual and cool

Urban Outfitters Graphic Tee's
I've always loved UO t-shirts. They're great for when I need to chuck something on for uni with a pair of jeans but at their full price, I wouldn't touch them with a barge pole. But when they're in the sale and/or there are student discounts going around, I jump at the chance.

Ben Howard
2012 was the year I discovered and fell in love with Ben Howard and his music. I first came across him when he did an eerily good rendition of Call Me Maybe. Since then, I've hunted down as much of his music as I can but my favourite would still have to be Keep Your Head Up
Vera Wang Princess Night Perfume
My boyfriend bought me this perfume after months of hinting on his way back from a holiday in the summer. It's a very sweet fragrance- perhaps not to everyone's liking- but I love it and recommend everyone to go give it a whiff if they have the chance

Bit off an odd one but 2012 was the year I started to swim. I've never been a particularly good swimmer having nearly drowned when I was very young. I started going with my sister in the summer and have kept it up since. It's great exercise, has really helped my asthma and my confidence in the water. I've also taught myself how to do the strokes properly and I plan to keep improving

Origins Night-a-Mins
Jusssst sneaking in to 2012, is this moisturiser. I know I've only had it a week but it's left such an impression on me, I had to include it. It's helped reduce the appearance of blemishes as they fade and has left my skin feeling much healthier and softer in the mornings

And those are my top 12 of 2012!

Let me know if you have anything similar on your blogs- I love seeing what products people have really enjoyed this year. 2012 has been a great year for my blogs- it's grown so much (thank you Twitter...) and I'd like to take the chance to say hello to all my new followers this year and thank you for joining my blog!

I hope you all have a great NYE and I'll see you all in 2013
Onwards and upwards!

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Merry Christmas and Sales Bargains

Heels- Zara Sale
Heels- New Look Sale
Blazer- River Island Sale
Dress- Zara Sale
Origins- Night-A- Mins

Hello! Hope you all had a good Christmas with lots of nice things!
Christmas isn't really a big affair in my house- minimal decorations or fuss and we don't go all out for presents as we'd all rather hit the sales/keep it to a smaller budget. So I thought I'd show you what I've snapped up so far. A few bargains but nothing insane. I'm particularly pleased with the two pairs of heels- both pairs that I had had my eye on prior to the sales and luckily were reduced. I got a pair of Superdry trackies actually for Christmas and they are so soft and warm! Perfect for when I'm trudging to the gym/ really cannot be bothered for an early start at uni.

But the real bargain that I got has yet to come. I did an order with Urban Outfitters- 4 items all in the sale. If I had bought them all at full price, they would have come in at just over £140. In the sale- around £83. I then managed to get student discount and free delivery on top of that so the total came to just over £70! Bargain! Including a new pair of black jeans. So I'm really chuffed for that but I'm just patiently waiting for the dispatch notice. I go back to university on the 5th and I ordered it to my home address so I'm hoping it gets here on time!

Apart from that, I'm feeling slightly overwhelmed with how much work I have to do still including 3 deadlines in the first week and then 2 exams and an essay in the two weeks after that. Slightly stressed but it because my timetable is reduced, hopefully I'll motivate myself to get to the library most days and power through the revision!

So I hope you are all keeping well and warm
And have a fabulous New Year

Monday, 10 December 2012

Outfit Of The Day- I Bought THAT Zara Coat

zara black wool leather coat
zara black wool leather coat
zara black wool leather coat
zara black wool leather coat
zara black wool leather coat

Coat- Zara
Top- Topshop
Scarf- Topshop

Yep, I bought THAT Zara coat. I had been lusting over this coat for absolutely ages. It caught my eye every time I was in the shop and online but hefty £139 price tag I was avoiding it at all costs. However, after trailing around London in my Primark coat with the buttons popping off, I snapped and decided it was a good time to get a new coat. My boyfriend is also a massively bad influence if he's with me when I'm shopping, persuading me that its a timeless investment and worth the price for the quality. The outer is wool and the detail is real leather, so it's really good quality stuff.

And it is gorgeous! I'm 100% in love with it and I think I'll be finally moving out of my leather jacket with the colder weather. It goes great with my burgundy scarf. Considering most of my wardrobe is black or grey at the moment, it adds a bit of colour that I really need. The only thing I can say is watch out for the zips! They're a bit on the scratchy side so be careful when you dive into the pockets!

So what do think?
Is the price tag worth the quality?

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Lately 006- London

*Warning- Picture heavy*

Me and the boyf dashed up to London for a night on Friday and these are the results! We stayed in the Crowne Plaza hotel in Shoreditch at at absolute bargain price and we were very impressed with the quality. We were initially going to stay in a Travelodge/ Premier Inn but this ended up being cheaper! We were just round the corner from Brick Lane and although I really wanted to go, we simply ran out of time to do everything we wanted. We aslo got the National Express coach up there as, despite both having railcards, the coach was much cheaper and only half an hour longer than the train!

Our main aim of the visit was the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park and to visit the Natural History Museum. While London was feeling very festive with all its pretty Christmas lights down Oxford Street etc, it was heaving (to be expected really) and I wasn't overly impressed with the Winter Wonderland. The same stalls were just repeated over and over again and it was no different, if not more generic, than the one we have running through the centre of Southampton at the moment. It just felt a bit cheap to me and maybe it was me, thinking that as it was London, it might be a bit more... chic maybe?

The Natural History Museum however was fantastic. Like all museums, it was free to get in and is huggggge. There's so much to see and take in, I'd definately recommend dedicating a few hours to it. It's also right net the V&A museum, which I stupidly didn't realise, so that's next on my to do list the next time I go to London. Over the years, I'm slowly doing all the 'touristy' thing in London like the museums and galleries etc. There's just so much to do, you run out of time v quickly.

I had a little bit of time to do some shopping but as you can imagine, Oxford Street, Carnaby Street etc on a weekend before Christmas was insane and I have to be in the right mood to be battling with crowds, mainly if I know exactly what I want. If not, it kinda sucks the fun out of having a good browse around. I will do a super mini haul with some stuff from Zara, Topshop and my MAC birthday presents from my boyfriend.

And that's been my weekend! 
Coming back to Southampton has been a bit of a crash landing into all the work I have left to do. It's the last week and I still have to finish off a few bits before I slip into holiday mode and head home for Christmas!
I hope you guys have had a great weekend!

Monday, 3 December 2012

Product Review- Laura Mercier Eyeshadow

laura mercier eyeshadow
laura mercier eyeshadow
laura mercier eyeshadow
laura mercier baked eyeshadow black kharat

Laura Mercier Eyeshadows in Black Kharat and Guava

So as I mentioned in my previous post, I haven't been too thrilled with a lot of stuff in the shops at the moment so when I went in again for a second browse, I ended up lurking around the beauty counters in John Lewis. I remembered vaguely of an eyeshadow me and a friend saw aaages ago and we both loved, so I tracked it down to the baked eyeshadow Black Kharat. And it is gorgeeeouusss. The photo's really don't do it justice. It's an amazing black gold with a gold pearl. It's really subtle- enough so to be worn during the day. Another thing with baked eyeshadows is that they can be worn wet for a more intense look which I have yet to try! I'm scared it'll ruin the eyeshadow but definitely on the pricey side at £18- more than a MAC eyeshadow.

The one is Guava which is a bit of disappointment. Once applied on the actual eye, it really doesn't show up that much, especially if it was used as one wash of colour. Might be enough for a highlight but not much else. It's also reeeally finely milled so it's a little bit on the powdery side of things. I'm sure I'll get some use out of it as I do use neutrals a lot but I'm not so impressed with the quality.

So that's my review of Laura Mercier eyeshadows. 
I really want to try the tinted moisturiser which I've heard a lot of things about so if anyone's used this or has a review on it, please let me know and leave me a link- I'd love to read it!
Have a good day guys :)