Friday, 30 November 2012

Well I'm Old Now

So yesterday was my 21st birthday. Yeah I feel weird saying that. It was a pretty casual day with uni in the morning and then I headed into town with the boy and had a Nando's lunch. The highlight of the day was of course heading into town to pick my new fantastic camera- the Nikon D3100. How do you like the picture quality? Sooo much better, isn't it?

I got a really nice bunch of flowers from both my parents and my boyfriend but my main present from him will come from when we go up to London next weekend.  I also picked up a pair of Converse, almost on whim but I love them already and will get a lot of wear out of them. I wasn't really feeling what was in the shops at the moment- it's all party wear and I don't really have an occasion to wear fancy stuff that much. However, by sheer coincidence, Urban Outfitters was having one of their flash 20% off so I picked up 3 t-shirts. More black and gray for the wardrobe aha!

But anyway, that's all the latest. I'm looking forward to using my SLR for future blog posts. I'm also stealing a tripod off my dad when I go back in the Xmas holidays so onwards and upwards really! I'm currently in such a food coma from possibly the best brownies ever that the boy made. So good!

Hope you guys have a good day!
And keep warm!


  1. ooo lucky you i adore the yankee candels!!

  2. lovely flowers! and i love those tshirts xx

    Letters To Juliet

  3. Aww...Happy Belated Birthday! xo

  4. Happy belated birthday Leanne! I hope you had an enjoyable time! Cannot wait to see more photos using your new camera soon! I love the last shirt, so ethnic.

    I am definitely a new reader of your blog now! x

  5. I really like your style!
    I am sure to be following your blog from now on! :)


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