Sunday, 18 November 2012

Skincare Shake-Up- The Body Shop Seaweed Range Review

Eurgh, why is my camera so noisy. Seriously cannot wait to get my new one.
Anywho, I recently decided to change up my skin care routine. I had been using until recently the La Roche Posay Effaclar- ( you can read my review of La Roche Posay here) Overall I wasn't that impressed with it and it probably wasn't worth the hefty price tag. I also had an issue with my skin realllllly drying out with it. It just wasn't for me in the end.

So the quest for holy grail skin care continues and whilst I considered going more up market- say to Clarin's etc, I remembered my fondness for Body Shop products. I always feel they get a little side lined in the skin care market as they're not something you could snap up in any Boot's Stores or supermarket. I really wanted something gentle but removed make up and wouldn't dry me out.

And so far, so good. The first time I used it I couldn't believe how soft my skin was! It's also fine at removing stubborn eye make up with a little gentle rubbing. I also bought a little exfoliating pad to  help brush away any dead skin cells. I'm really intrigued to know if anyone with oily/combination skin has the same problem with me with random dry bits of skin, especially in the T zone area? Let me know cuz I'd love to know how you battle that.
However, it's early days and I think I need to give products more time before I can really make my mind up on them.

In other news, uni has been hectic with deadline after deadline at the moment. I spent most the weekend avoiding an essay I really do not want to do. Oh, and I dyed my hair back to black. Much much better.
Roll on the holidays...

My blogger has randomly decided it doesn't like central alignment any more. But either way, have a great week xx


  1. I use the tea tree face wash from the body shop and I love it as I have oily skin it doesn't dry it out too much.

  2. Ah if you use iPhoto or a similar editing suite you can sometimes de-noise pics, not 100% but it sometimes helps!

    They look fine though! I used to swear by the Seaweed range. Their mask used to be ah-mazing. I might have to re-discover them now :-)

    beckys makeup

  3. I've never tried the seaweed range before - I think I'll try it out. In the past I've used the tea tree night cream and cucumber face wash and they were both amazing - reasonably priced as well :) xx


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