Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Product Review- They're Real Mascara by Benefit

benefit they're real mascara
benefit they're real mascara

Sorry for spamming you with my eyes but I thought I would share you my thoughts on They're Real by Benefit. I'm pretty much always on the look out fora good mascara because, as you can see in the first photo, I have basically nearly non-existent natural eyelashes. My recent trip to Bournemouth and to the Benefit counter there got me considering the famous They're Real mascara. I got a bit of unexpected money so thought I would treat myself.

I have to say I had my initially reservations because me and plastic brushes don't tend to get on very well, I always end up stabbing myself in the eye. The bristles themselves are actually quite short, compared to some others I've tried such as L'Oreal Million Lashes for example, which surprised me. I didn't think that the brush would work well with my short lashes. I also like the shape of the bristles at the end which is really useful for getting the lashes in the corner of the eye. Definitely a plus to begin with.

I've showed the difference between one coat and two and as you can see there's a serious difference! I thought the consistency was a bit on the runny side to begin with but I think with most mascaras, as you use them, they sort of thicken up a bit and behave how they should. I did find that at two coats, lashes did start to get stuck together so I use another mascara wand to help separate them out a bit. I haven't used this yet with eyelash curler but I think combined it would give seriously impressive results. Sophie from the Benefit counter in Bournemouth also recommend using the combination of Bad Gal Lash and They're Real to get both volume and length so I will have to try it with my Bad Gal Lash sample.

It is pricey though and for me that's the biggest drawback. Around £18 for a standard tube of mascara. Worth it- I'm not sure. Probably a splurge treat rather than a regular purchase, especially considering my second and third favourite mascaras don't go over £11. Although I tend to change mascaras quite regularly though, I will continue to use it. It's definitely a good mascara but possibly not quite worth the hype.

I hope this has been a useful review
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  1. Hey! I tagged you in the Liebster award! Feel free to do it if you haven't (or have, and want to do it again haha).


  2. I use my they're real with the rimmel scandeleyes to give volume!
    Just a quick coat of the scandeleyes to thicken them up a bit after the They're Real works well for me! You should try that cos its a lot cheaper than another benefit mascara!

  3. I've seen this look amazing on so many people now, I need to get my own!

  4. Hey love, thanks for sending me your link over on twitter :) I'm now following.
    I've been eyeing this mascara for so long, I think it's time to get it, hehe. The results are great! x

    Ps. I'm currently having a giveaway on my blog if you're interested :)


  5. This was good but I'm allergic to it so can't really wear it :(

  6. I have the SAME problem!
    I'm going to look up that mascara.


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