Monday, 1 October 2012

Nose Update- Nose Piercing Aftercare

nose nostril piercing

Not want to shove a picture of my nose in front of your for no reason, I thought I would give you an update on my nose piercing an how I am finding the aftercare.I hope it'll be of use to anyone going through the same thing or if anyone is considering having theirs done too.

As everyone knows if they've ever had anything pierced the best way to clean a piercing is good old sea salt mixed in warm water. No chemical nasties and definately nothing containing alcohol- that will just irritate the skin around it. What I do is make up a saline solution, soak a cotton wool pad in it until it's pretty saturated and hold it to the piercing.Let the water soak into the piercing. This is particularly useful to help clean away any crusty lymph. Then two Q tips in the water to wipe and clean around the piercing. Try to avoid knocking the stud and NEVER take your stud out. You'll do more damage than good. I do try to wipe the inside of my nose which may seem pointless because, well, it's the inside of your nose. It's never going to be squeaky clean.

A quick word on infection. It is perfectly normal to get a small amount of crusty lymph. That's good to have and it means that your body is doing is doing it's job and healing. If it's infected, you will know. It will hurt, be very sore and may or may not ooze pus. Pus is thicker and more yellow than lymph. Pretty, I know.

I know it's easy to say don't knock but accidents do happen and I've knocked mine plenty of time. However, the other day, I did it pretty bad and nearly knocked it clean out. Don't panic. Carefully push it back in and wash it straight away. Now, the next day, I noticed I had developed a bit of a purple bump on one side of my piercing. It's pretty faint but you can see it on the above picture. If this does happen, to up your cleaning, the best way I found to help the bump was to fill a cup up with warm salty water, almost to the brim and pretty much stick your nose straight in there for as long as you can. It looks weird and feels weirder but trust me, it does the job. Two days after doing this, my bump had significantly gone down. It's still on the mend and I'm still going to have a few more weeks before I change the jewellery (no less than 6 weeks down the line) and honestly, the longer you clean it, the better.

I hope that this is some use for anyone considering having a nose piercing
Any questions, as ever, feel free to ask :)


  1. it looks really nice on you and its a good idea to give advices!


  2. You are looking very pretty with this beautiful and tiny nose stud. You have give great suggestions for caring the nose piercing.

  3. Very beautiful with this tiny nose stud. And thanks for sharing this advices, it's useful for anybody. It is important to have information regarding piercing aftercare.


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