Sunday, 21 October 2012

Bournemouth Bloggers Meet

benefit make-up perfumes
benefit make-up brow bar
benefit stay don't stray bad gal lash mascara

HannahBroganMegan, Me, Hannah 
( And Joe who was behind the lense and Becca)
Last image thanks to Brogan

So yesterday I went to Bournemouth for the first time ever to go to the Bournemouth Blogger's meet, arranged by Hannah from BaileyCakesBlog. I met up with blonde Hannah as we were coming from similar directions and after getting lost for a while, we eventually made it to Aruba on the Bournemouth seafront.

We had a few drinks before heading out for lunch and then to the highlight of the day, the Benefit concession in Debenhams. We were greeted by Sophie who gave us a run down of some of their products as well as Megan getting her eyebrows done and Hannah having her make up done. Which has seriously made me consider the Benefit Hello Flawless foundation as it looked seriously amazing on her! We were gifted with a a sample of Stay Don't Stray (which I will be test running on a friend's upcoming 21st) and Bad Gal Lash, that I'm equally looking forward to trying!

So all in all, a really good day meeting new people and I even got to pop into MAC ( post coming soon).
Today has been a day of blitzing uni work and recovering from an exercise class I did on Friday- I don't think my body has ever ached so much in my life. I feel like a right grandma!
Hope you guys have had a good weekend!


  1. ahhh love the post! so nice to meet you! see you soon!x

  2. ooh i love benefit makeup, that looks like a fun event too!
    Please check out my blog when you can!



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