Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Vera Wang Princess Night Perfume

Absolute B-E-A-UTY. I have been obsessed with this perfume for absolutely ages and my boyfriend bought it for me from the duty free when he went on holiday and it stopped me going on about it :P
It's a really sweet and fruity fragrance and stays on the skin for ages. I hate those perfumes you just can't smell after 2 hours wearing it. I also love all the packaging- it's essentially the same bottle as the Princess scent but covered in black glitter and I love the little crown as a lid.
The only thing I could suggest is that you MUST smell it if you see it the shops because unfortunately I can't spray it through the computer screen.

The small bottle retails at around £33 from places such as Debenhams, The Perfume Shop and Boots.


  1. Ahhh so pretty! I'm going to go check this out next time I'm in Sephora!
    Love your blog, check mine out if you want xx


  2. I really like this post! The bottle is amazing. I am now following you, would love you to check out my blog too. Naomi xx



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