Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Outfit Of The Day feat Nose Piercing

nose piercing

Jacket- Asos
Dress- H&M
Boots- Asos
Necklace- Topshop
Lipstick- Ruby Woo

Yep, I finally finally bit the bullet and got my nose pierced! Yay! It was mainly because I had finished my summer job and could let it heal over the months that I'm back at uni before Christmas. Basically, the piercing asked me whether I would want to ever wear a ring (which was a yes) and then drew three dots on my nose with a felt pen for me to choose. Does it hurt? Yes. Not so much the initial prick but all the wiggling around bit that comes after and my eyes were streammming. But it wears off quickly and everything's gravy. No hotness or throbbing. Just a nice stud sitting cushty in your nose.

I snapped a sneaking OOTD in Urban Outfitters and it was the first outing for my new biker jacket and boots. I actually got several hours out of them before they really began to rub. I've basically just hobbled home. However, my big annoyance of the day was my handbag. I bought it from Zara a while ago, long ago enough for me to have chucked the receipt, but the cashier didn't do it properly or whatever, but it still sets off certain security alarms which is super awkward. I probably should have gone back and got it sorted at the time but you get so used to them going off all the time, you don't really notice. Anyway, I went into Zara- alarm goes off and I explain basically exactly the same here. Can they sort it out/deactivate what ever tag they left in it? No. They need a receipt. Balls. Or a bank statement. And I'm like seriously? It's got all my junk in it, clearly from your shop and I don't have a bank statement on me which wouldn't necessarily prove anything and they wouldn't deactivate it. So hopefully I'm going to go into the one in my uni town and explain it, armed with bank statement and hopefully will put an end to it. Just super irritating though. It would literally only take them two seconds to sort it out. Eurgh.

Anyway, rant over. 
And either way, I'm super happy with my new nose stud and I picked up a few bits and bobs for myself as well which I will show you all tomorrow!


  1. I love that dress and jacket combo! I remember when I got my nose pierced a long while ago, I jumped in surprise because it hurt so much, that the piercer had to re-pierce me! I will always remember this pain, even if I had much worse piercings after that ahah

  2. i love leather jackets with pretty dresses! love the nose piercing, i used to have mine done but it never healed properly so i had to take it out :(


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