Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Brighton Shopping

Brighton Pier
Brighton Pavillion

Beyond Retro

Brighton Pier. Brighton Pavillion. Alice in Wonderland. Choccywoccydoodah window. Amazing salad. Beyond Retro. Leather belts. Old blue shoes. Vintage dress. Pheasant. Vintage bags.
Leather gilet- H&M. Hooters T-Shirt- Dirty Harry. Jumper- H&M. Vintage Levis- Vintage Shop. Dusty Rose Maxi Skirt- New Look. Peace Belt- Urban Outfitters.

A collection of pictures from 2 days in Brighton which is one of my favourite places and only a 20 min drive away from me. It's also fantastic for shopping as you get a great mix of high street and unique vintage shops, including the well known Beyond Retro. I find vintage shopping very hit and miss but if you get a hit, it's a  good day!
Una colección de imágenes de 2 dias en Brighton que uno de mis lugares favoritos y es menos de 20 minutos por coche. Es fantástico para hacer las compras porque hay una mezcla de tiendas de calles principales y de tiendas únicas y 'vintage', incluyendo el bien conocido Beyond Retro. Hacer las compras 'vintage' me parece un poco al azar pero si tienes un buen dia, es un buen dia!

As for what I did buy, I'm pleased with all of them, especially with the leather gilet which I wore straight away. I may stud it. I'm not sure yet. Also got myself some vintage Levi's. You can't move for them in the vintage shops. However, out of interest, do any of you find the sizing a bit on the small side? My friend and myself did as did 2 other women trying them on. Or are sizes these days just way more lenient?
Para lo que compré, estoy contento con todo, especialmente el gilet de piel que llevaba imediatamente. Quizas, lo tachonaré pero no estoy segura. Tambien, compré shorts vintage de Levi. Están en todas las tiendas vintage! Sin embargo, de interés, alguno de ustedes encuentra el tamano un poco pequeno? Para yo y mi amiga, sí así como 2 otras mujeres que los probaron. O los tamanos hoy en día son un poco más indulgentes...

I'm really pleased I snagged the peace belt from UO. I had been looking for it everywhere but always seemed to miss it until yesterday! Frustratingly, it's about an inch too small to be worn on my waist and my hips but I will definately get some good use out of it!
Soy muy feliz que compré este cinturón de paz de UO. Lo he buscado por todos lugares pero nunca lo encontré hasta ayer! Lo frustrante es que es un poco demasiado pequeno para llevarlo en mi cintura Y mis caderas pero estoy segura que lo usaré mucho1

So a very good day by all accounts :)
Would you like to see me style any of these new buys in a OOTD?
Let me know
Have a good day!

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  1. Oh wow, I love choccywoccydoodah. I drool when I watch the tv show. I have been to brighton once, its so nice, id love to go again.
    great blog hun.

    Sheree x



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