Thursday, 10 May 2012

Emergency Nail Repair

So yesterday, I accidently managed to slam my nail into a closing door and consequently ripped my whole in half. You know the absolute panic you get when you rip a nail at the edge about half way down? Hurt so bad.

But never fear, there is a quick and simple tip that will keep your nail safe from ripping any further!

And that's all you need. Simply rip a bit of tea bag paper off and place it over the offending snag in your nail and then coat it in a clear or nail strengthening nail polish. So, it looks and feels a bit weird but with a bit of gentle buffing and a coat of colour, no ones any the wiser. I also much prefer doing this than wrapping a plaster awkwardly round my finger just for it to fall off 5 minutes later.

So yes, sorry for the picture of my poor manky thumb but it was a handy tip that I thought would be worth sharing with all of you.
Hope  it's of some use


  1. Awesome tip! My mother recently cut her finger - and nail - almost in half, I will be sure to tell her about this!

    BTW, consider turning Captcha OFF on your blog. It's very hard to comment. Afraid of hate mail? Simply choose to approve your comments instead.

    1. Thanks for the hint! I had no idea it was even on. I'll turn it off :)


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