Thursday, 17 May 2012

DIY- Studded Denim Jacket

In keeping with current trends, I too have gone a bit loco for studding. But seeing that it usually hikes the price of an item of clothing right up, I thought I would do a bit of DIY.

You can buy studs off eBay for super cheap. Mine came from Hong Kong within 10 days. All you need is time, patience and a steady hand. Pay attention to spacing when doing it. I underestimated where I wanted mine and now have little red dots where I marked it which I'm gonna scrub off.

Carefully, snip a hole into the fabric. It doesn't matter hugely if you over shoot it a little because with a bit of navy thread, it can be stitched up again. The studs just screw together, as you can see, so it's super easy and cheap to add a little bit more edge to a denim jacket.

I still have a few studs left so I'm eyeing up a dip dye jumper I have.
And let me know if you give it a go, I'd love to see the results!


  1. Great idea, love the finished product. My friend recently gave this a try on some shoes and it loved amazing!


  2. Cool post the effect looks great! :) x


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