Saturday, 28 April 2012

Lately 001


1) Student life ;) 2) The cake I made for my boyfriend's birthday 3) Part of the walk to my uni campus
4) Perfect way to hide from the rain 5) Purely by accident eggy love 6) Frankie and Benny's
7) Kisses 8) Kitsch fabric 9) More cake

Instagram recently went over to the Android Market so instantly snapped it up. If you're interested, my Instagram user name is just over there under my profile and leave me a comment with yours! These are just a few snaps of what's been going on in my life in between uni assignments which I am swamped in at the moment. It's going to be a busy next month!
I have been indulging in a little retail therapy but the god awful weather here in the UK ( I'm talking about 2 weeks solid rain here) means I haven't had a chance to wear them yet! I might take a few photos on my camera and upload them if you would like to see what I've snapped up?
Other than that, I'm trudging on. I'm off to Thorpe Park tomorrow as part of my boyfriend's birthday present so I'm really looking forward to that despite the fact it's going to be raining all day. I will have to dig out my raincoat!

How have your week's been?
And if you're in the UK, how fed up are you with this weather -_- ?!

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