Saturday, 10 March 2012

OOTD- Walk In The Park

Denim Jacket and Black Top- H&M
Maxi Skirt- Store (last year)
Necklace- Topshop

Loving the sunshine at the moment. I just puts me in an epically good mood.

Me and the boyfriend decided to make the most of it and go for a walk. We're quite lucky in that our uni halls are right next to river and quite a lot of fields and woodland. In the top photo, James decided to make the swans work for their food bless em.

I'm particularly chuffed about this maxi skirt because, as I mentioned a few posts back, I'm  on a health push and have lost 8lbs so far and I felt comfortable enough to wear this skirt again- it's very clingy material! 

I'm also glad that I've managed to twist James' arm into taking outside photos for me but I am having issues with my camera again. The repair was not properly done and part of the lens cover has come loose again. So I can use it, I just have to turn the camera upside down so the lens cover doesn't fall down across the lens. *sigh* what a nightmare.

Either way, I love having the nice weather and I really have my fingers crossed that it will be nice next weekend when I finish uni for the Easter holidays and James comes down to visit for the first time.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a good weekend and if you've got the good weather, damn well go out and enjoy it while you can!


  1. pretty photos, i love swans! I really like the skirt your wearing, love the tie dye effect! xo

  2. cool skirt, the print is great
    ^.^ stephi

  3. I did not know about ur blog and is so cute! i'm following u now :) what about following eachother? :)


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