Thursday, 29 March 2012

New Glasses

New glasses, yeeeah. I had been after some new frames for a while now so I snapped these glasses and a pair of prescription sunglasses up from Specsavers and I am chuffed to bits. They're a bit bigger than my old ones- in fact a lot bigger, but I really like them.

I've been spending as much time as possible outside recently. When it's good weather in the UK, everyone dashes outside and damn well stays there till the last minute. It's a rare occasion to see such clear blue skies! I even managed to crack out the bikini top yesterday and got a slight slight tan! On the other hand, my sister has burnt, which is hilarious.
Even worse is that all this nice weather has made me want to go on a massive spring summer shopping splurge but alas, I has no money :( Topshop are right on trend with the pastels and I am desperately looking out for a pair on print trousers that are not the baggy hareem style. So if you see any, pleeease tell me!

So yeah, this was just a quick little update for you. What do you think of the new glasses?


  1. they suit you very well! xx

  2. You're new glasses are cute; I need to get a new pair myself...great blog; following!

  3. You look nice with glasses, I don't!


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