Wednesday, 7 March 2012

I'm Back Baby. And With A Mini Haul Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Yes that is correct. My camera was delivered back to me today, in full working condition and I'm over the moon. I used Camera Repair Direct who offered a repair at the most reasonable price of the ones I had estimates for. It was a little slow- just under 2 weeks to get it repaired- but seeing as it was the cheapest, I didn't mind. I was really worried that I had smashed it to bits and it needed 30 different new parts but nope, it just needs a bit of readjusting and it was fine again!

So anyway, I've developed the habit of going into the city centre every Wednesday because I finish uni very earlier and if I didn't do something, I would go insane from boredom.
I picked up 3 of the LoveHeart MUA nail varnishes and I can't wait to wear them as them are gorgeous colours. I also picked up a Models Own Pro in the suitable named Pinky Grey.
On top of that I picked up a Natural Collection lipstick in Rosebud which is a gorgeous pink with slight rose gold shimmer too it- swatched in the last picture. 
I also got the famous Melba blush and an MUA blush Shade 4- both swatched in the second to last photo. I'm not sure how Melba will show up on my skin tone, or if it will at all but I love the MUA one which is lovely and very pigmented. Such a bargain at £1! Also, not pictured was a dark brown MUA eyebrow brush as my faithful Rimmel one had come to it's end. The texture of the MUA eyebrow brush is much creamier than the Rimmel one that had a tendency to be a bit hard so that's got a big tick in my book.

Anyway, just a little mini haul for you. It feels good to be back and expect more picture coming your way!

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