Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Holy Moly Moustache

Hi guys!

This is just a really quick post today about something quite personal to me but I'm sure is an issue for quite a number of girls. I'm talking about the moustache. Not on guys. On girls. Now obviously it's not thick hair like guys, much much finer but it was still be quite noticeable.

Now this is something I have had to deal with since middle school. I know it was then because certain boys loved to point out its appearance... But there's nothing I can do about it. I do have dark colouring and it does show up in the winter months when I'm not as tanned. But the thing is is that it is really really common so don't stress about it.

I did use to use this to lighten my hair so it wasn't as noticeable. But the one thing I really really hated about this product was the smell! It was supposed to be rose scented but it just smells artificial and of chemicals, so when this is jamming under your nose for 10 minutes, it's not that pleasant. I stopped using this because, after so many years of use, I felt it stopped working as well. I don't know whether the formula was weakened or whether I had just become too used to it.

Nowadays, I use this one which is much better and is an actual hair remover , rather than lightener. And, thank you thank you, it is not heavily scented- in fact is quite neutral. This goes one for a mere 3 minutes but please please be careful with it because any longer and it can really react to your skin. I have had slightly irritated skin for a day or two because I accidently left it on for one or two minutes longer than I should have.
Then you just gently wash it off. I find the best way is to wet a cotton pad and gently go in circle to make sure you get the hair at the roots. And voila! 
It does not grow back bristly- it's the same fine hair that was there before and I like the fact it take a good few weeks before there's any noticeable hair coming back in.
It's only £5 and I highly recommend it!

I hope that this has been useful to anyone with the same problem
Let me know if you have any questions!

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