Monday, 19 March 2012

Back Home And Haul

Alice in Wonderland Shop. Giant Easter Egg. Yummy Ice Cream. Nearby Woods. Rockpools on my beach.
MAC Face and Body in N2. Hue Lipstick. Real Techniques Stipling Brush. MAC Ricepaper Eyeshadow.
Vintage Silk shirt. Vintage Denim Shirt. And The Legendary Disco Pants.

I'm back home. I have said adios to uni for another month. My boyfriend came home with me for a few days and it was the first time he had met my parents but they got on really well.
We went into Brighton where we did a bit of shopping. And by we I mean me. But I was very good and stuck to the shops that I really wanted to go to and that we don't have in Southampton, which for me was mainly MAC, American Apparel and Beyond Retro vintage shop.

I love the vintage shops in Brighton and snagged a gorgeous deep turquoise silk cropped shirt as well as a denim shirt. And of course I got the amazing Disco Pants. And they really are good and just suck you in in all the right places. Nobody in my family likes them (typical) but James liked them because, I quote, "they make your arse look good"... but couldn't believe I spent £70 on 'glorified leggings'. Typical man...!

I also picked up Face and Body which I have wanted for a while. It's such a big bottle so definitely value for money but it is very very sheer. However, I do actually like this as it makes it very buildable and doesn't feel heavy at all (Like my Estée Lauder Double Wearer which I have started using more as a concealer. It works wonders with the Real Technique's Stipling brush which I was so happy to see as the Boots in Southampton didn't have them.
I bought Hue after seeing it be recommended various time by beauty bloggers and Youtuber. I thought it would be a bit warmer in tone so I have to be careful with it or else I verge on the concealer on the lips effect or just dead. It works really well with a nude lipgloss just to bring it out a bit.

So all in all I had a really lovely weekend. It's so typical that now that my boyfriend has gone home, it has decided to be sunny again. Sod's law isn't it!?! I'm also back to work on Thursday so I can earn some money to balance out the damage I just did to my bank account. It's been a very expensive weekend! My camera is being repaired again but it should be back with me soon! Fingers crossed!

How have your weekends been?


  1. Haha! u gota love the disco pants! can't wait to get a pair!! so they can suck in that belly of mine!! Great blog :)

    Diana xxx

  2. i love the look of disco pants, but i am a bit scared to wear them, i feel like they are a little bit too in your face for me aha.
    aha, check out my blogg? xx

  3. Sounds like you had a great time! Those ice creams look delicious!

  4. Really desperate to go vintage shopping soon! Such gems to be found as you prove! I'm glad your boyfriend and parents got on well - always a weight of your shoulders! Sounds like a lovely weekend and I love your hall! Still scared to try disco pants props to you for braving them!


  5. Wow!! beautiful photos Lea!!
    I loved this post, and I love this blog too :-)Compliments!

    I am an italian fashion blogger! Please check out my blog too, I would be so happy if you could follow me back with Google Friend Connect! have a brand new follower :):)


    1. I'm glad you like my blog, thanks for following!

  6. Hey just came across your blog :)
    been really thinking about getting the mac face&body for the summer



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