Thursday, 29 March 2012

New Glasses

New glasses, yeeeah. I had been after some new frames for a while now so I snapped these glasses and a pair of prescription sunglasses up from Specsavers and I am chuffed to bits. They're a bit bigger than my old ones- in fact a lot bigger, but I really like them.

I've been spending as much time as possible outside recently. When it's good weather in the UK, everyone dashes outside and damn well stays there till the last minute. It's a rare occasion to see such clear blue skies! I even managed to crack out the bikini top yesterday and got a slight slight tan! On the other hand, my sister has burnt, which is hilarious.
Even worse is that all this nice weather has made me want to go on a massive spring summer shopping splurge but alas, I has no money :( Topshop are right on trend with the pastels and I am desperately looking out for a pair on print trousers that are not the baggy hareem style. So if you see any, pleeease tell me!

So yeah, this was just a quick little update for you. What do you think of the new glasses?

Monday, 19 March 2012

Back Home And Haul

Alice in Wonderland Shop. Giant Easter Egg. Yummy Ice Cream. Nearby Woods. Rockpools on my beach.
MAC Face and Body in N2. Hue Lipstick. Real Techniques Stipling Brush. MAC Ricepaper Eyeshadow.
Vintage Silk shirt. Vintage Denim Shirt. And The Legendary Disco Pants.

I'm back home. I have said adios to uni for another month. My boyfriend came home with me for a few days and it was the first time he had met my parents but they got on really well.
We went into Brighton where we did a bit of shopping. And by we I mean me. But I was very good and stuck to the shops that I really wanted to go to and that we don't have in Southampton, which for me was mainly MAC, American Apparel and Beyond Retro vintage shop.

I love the vintage shops in Brighton and snagged a gorgeous deep turquoise silk cropped shirt as well as a denim shirt. And of course I got the amazing Disco Pants. And they really are good and just suck you in in all the right places. Nobody in my family likes them (typical) but James liked them because, I quote, "they make your arse look good"... but couldn't believe I spent £70 on 'glorified leggings'. Typical man...!

I also picked up Face and Body which I have wanted for a while. It's such a big bottle so definitely value for money but it is very very sheer. However, I do actually like this as it makes it very buildable and doesn't feel heavy at all (Like my Estée Lauder Double Wearer which I have started using more as a concealer. It works wonders with the Real Technique's Stipling brush which I was so happy to see as the Boots in Southampton didn't have them.
I bought Hue after seeing it be recommended various time by beauty bloggers and Youtuber. I thought it would be a bit warmer in tone so I have to be careful with it or else I verge on the concealer on the lips effect or just dead. It works really well with a nude lipgloss just to bring it out a bit.

So all in all I had a really lovely weekend. It's so typical that now that my boyfriend has gone home, it has decided to be sunny again. Sod's law isn't it!?! I'm also back to work on Thursday so I can earn some money to balance out the damage I just did to my bank account. It's been a very expensive weekend! My camera is being repaired again but it should be back with me soon! Fingers crossed!

How have your weekends been?

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Holy Moly Moustache

Hi guys!

This is just a really quick post today about something quite personal to me but I'm sure is an issue for quite a number of girls. I'm talking about the moustache. Not on guys. On girls. Now obviously it's not thick hair like guys, much much finer but it was still be quite noticeable.

Now this is something I have had to deal with since middle school. I know it was then because certain boys loved to point out its appearance... But there's nothing I can do about it. I do have dark colouring and it does show up in the winter months when I'm not as tanned. But the thing is is that it is really really common so don't stress about it.

I did use to use this to lighten my hair so it wasn't as noticeable. But the one thing I really really hated about this product was the smell! It was supposed to be rose scented but it just smells artificial and of chemicals, so when this is jamming under your nose for 10 minutes, it's not that pleasant. I stopped using this because, after so many years of use, I felt it stopped working as well. I don't know whether the formula was weakened or whether I had just become too used to it.

Nowadays, I use this one which is much better and is an actual hair remover , rather than lightener. And, thank you thank you, it is not heavily scented- in fact is quite neutral. This goes one for a mere 3 minutes but please please be careful with it because any longer and it can really react to your skin. I have had slightly irritated skin for a day or two because I accidently left it on for one or two minutes longer than I should have.
Then you just gently wash it off. I find the best way is to wet a cotton pad and gently go in circle to make sure you get the hair at the roots. And voila! 
It does not grow back bristly- it's the same fine hair that was there before and I like the fact it take a good few weeks before there's any noticeable hair coming back in.
It's only £5 and I highly recommend it!

I hope that this has been useful to anyone with the same problem
Let me know if you have any questions!

Saturday, 10 March 2012

OOTD- Walk In The Park

Denim Jacket and Black Top- H&M
Maxi Skirt- Store (last year)
Necklace- Topshop

Loving the sunshine at the moment. I just puts me in an epically good mood.

Me and the boyfriend decided to make the most of it and go for a walk. We're quite lucky in that our uni halls are right next to river and quite a lot of fields and woodland. In the top photo, James decided to make the swans work for their food bless em.

I'm particularly chuffed about this maxi skirt because, as I mentioned a few posts back, I'm  on a health push and have lost 8lbs so far and I felt comfortable enough to wear this skirt again- it's very clingy material! 

I'm also glad that I've managed to twist James' arm into taking outside photos for me but I am having issues with my camera again. The repair was not properly done and part of the lens cover has come loose again. So I can use it, I just have to turn the camera upside down so the lens cover doesn't fall down across the lens. *sigh* what a nightmare.

Either way, I love having the nice weather and I really have my fingers crossed that it will be nice next weekend when I finish uni for the Easter holidays and James comes down to visit for the first time.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a good weekend and if you've got the good weather, damn well go out and enjoy it while you can!

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

I'm Back Baby. And With A Mini Haul Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Yes that is correct. My camera was delivered back to me today, in full working condition and I'm over the moon. I used Camera Repair Direct who offered a repair at the most reasonable price of the ones I had estimates for. It was a little slow- just under 2 weeks to get it repaired- but seeing as it was the cheapest, I didn't mind. I was really worried that I had smashed it to bits and it needed 30 different new parts but nope, it just needs a bit of readjusting and it was fine again!

So anyway, I've developed the habit of going into the city centre every Wednesday because I finish uni very earlier and if I didn't do something, I would go insane from boredom.
I picked up 3 of the LoveHeart MUA nail varnishes and I can't wait to wear them as them are gorgeous colours. I also picked up a Models Own Pro in the suitable named Pinky Grey.
On top of that I picked up a Natural Collection lipstick in Rosebud which is a gorgeous pink with slight rose gold shimmer too it- swatched in the last picture. 
I also got the famous Melba blush and an MUA blush Shade 4- both swatched in the second to last photo. I'm not sure how Melba will show up on my skin tone, or if it will at all but I love the MUA one which is lovely and very pigmented. Such a bargain at £1! Also, not pictured was a dark brown MUA eyebrow brush as my faithful Rimmel one had come to it's end. The texture of the MUA eyebrow brush is much creamier than the Rimmel one that had a tendency to be a bit hard so that's got a big tick in my book.

Anyway, just a little mini haul for you. It feels good to be back and expect more picture coming your way!