Wednesday, 15 February 2012

New Camera And A Few New Bits

I have a new camara- finally!
Ah, I am so excited because it is just so fantastic. I am now the proud owner of this little baby.

Obviously I can't take pictures of it because I'd be using it but hopefully this will be a new leaf for me and my blog as the picture quality is a million times better. My lovely boyfriend got me this for Valentine's Day after hearing me incessantly bitching about the poor quality of my old one. At least he listens!

Anyway, I had a bit of a shopping craving recently and decided to cure it with a little tiny retail therapy.

Keen bloggers will notice that the one on the right is the famous Revlon Cherries in the Snow and I can see why it was so popular- it is such a gorgeous fuschia pink and is right up my street for bright lip colours.
The one on the left is Rimmel Vintage Rose, a rather taupe colour with pink purple undertones. I have to be quite careful with this colour because the purple undertones mixed with the yellow undertones of my skin colour can leave me looking a little dead. I definately would not be able to wear this when I'm darker in the summer.

Adding another EcoTools brush to my growing collection as I seriously love these brushes. They are amazingly soft and I have had zero fallout the whole time I have had them. This is there kabuki foundation brush, I believe but it works like a stipling brush so this paired with my Estée Lauder Double Wear is a perfect combo.

I picked up this eyeshadow trio on a whim from BeautyUK in Superdrug but I'm not overly impressed- the pigmention of the two lightest colours is not very good at all and the brown, on the hand, is super pigmented and is actually quite a nice bronze but I already have too many neutral eyeshadows.

I also on a whim bought Estée Lauder Double Wear Concealer on a whim as well. Unfortunately I got it home, realised I had picked up the wrong shade and thankfully was able to return it. I bought it with my Boots points as well so decided to wait and save them for when my current bottle of Double Wear runs out. I'm nearly there.

Apart from that, fairly uneventful. I have blogged much recently mainly because I knew this new camara would be coming my way and I wanted to wait and also the UK has had a pretty cold weather recently and I tend to regress into unflattering but warm jumpers and hoodies. It's getting better now so expect more!

What have you been up to recently?
And what do you think of the new camara picture quality? Much better, no?

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