Saturday, 21 January 2012

Hello You Beauties- Topshop Andre Wedge Boots

Hello you beauties indeed.
So my Christmas paycheck rolled in yesterday and I immediately went on a massive and long over due splurge and these were the real deal breaker. I have been lustfully eyeing these boots for months, trying them on and agonising with myself every time I went into Topshop.

Low and behold, yesterday Topshop had 20% off for students which meant instead of £68, these babies were £54! Bargain! I walked away from them once and then ultimately gave up, went back and bought them.
And I'm so glad I did. They are *divine*. The suede is a gorgeous very very dark navy in the right light and they are soooo comfy and easy to wear!
The only problem is the heel is around 4 inches. I'm already 5"8 and these on, that easily takes me up to 6"... But I do not care. I'd rather be tall!

Another thing is the sizing is a wee bit off. I'm a size 7, sometimes a 6 in heels. These are a big size 7, I at least have a centimetre of space at the end of my toe so just be aware of that. But I suppose that means wiggle room for thick socks or gel pads. I also love the style of them in that they lace up past the ankle. A lot of the problems that I have with heels is that my feet are very thin and so unless I have something to literally strap my feet in place, or they very tight court shoes, as soon as I start walking, my feet pop out of them and it's a nightmare. 
But not these. God I love these shoes.

I won't be doing a haul post but instead, will be featuring the clothes in my OOTD's over the coming week. I'm also waiting on a delivery of hair products which I want to review before I do my big hair post so bare with me!

Anyway, hope you have a good weekend!

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