Sunday, 20 July 2014

Outfit Of The Day- Led Zeppelin

T-Shirt- Second Hand
Denim Shirt- Second Hand
Shorts- H&M
Shoes- Birkenstocks

I apologise for the slightly out of focused nature of these photographs. If anyone has any advice for focusing a SLR on self timer against a white background, I'd gladly listen! 
I think I'll have to keep fiddling with it for now.

Nevertheless, I've just got back from a little holiday with a friend and am feeling rather bronzed. To my delight, when I got back, it was even nice weather here in England, so, with a few errands to run, I needed something casual but cool to wear as I popped into town. The Led Zeppelin shirt is a man's shirt that I found in the Beyond Retro in Brighton. It was naturally enormous so I chopped off the sleeves and the main neckline and then twisted the remaining straps. A quick stitch with some black thread will keep it that way so the t-shirt doesn't look so bulky and is a nice trick for making big, second hand t shirt a bit more feminine.

I bought my Birkenstocks a little while back with the excuse intention that I would need something comfortable to walk around in in hot weather, when I go travelling. However, they ended up straight on my feet the second I bought them and I don't regret it for one minute. They are seriously the most comfortable shoes and I can't stop wearing them. I can see why some people would be put off them as they do make your feet look a bit big but the white leather makes them nice and summery and the comfort makes it totally worth it. If you're thinking of buying a pair, I would recommend buying a size down, as they do come off very big.

I hope you've been having a nice time, either in the sunshine or dodging thunderstorms

Thursday, 3 July 2014

A Curly Hair Post: 90 Degrees Hairdressing Brighton

90 degrees hairdressing hairdressers brighton curly hair specialists
90 degrees hairdressing hairdressers brighton curly hair specialists
90 degrees hairdressing hairdressers brighton curly hair specialists

Oh it's good to be home. It's even better to be home when you know you can finally get a much needed haircut. 90 Degrees Hairdressing in Brighton was a wonderful little discovery I had made back in February when the absence of my old hairdresser had left me in a bit of a curly hair dilemma. If you have curly hair, like me, you will know the pains of going to a hairdresser who simply doesn't get curly hair so after a bit of Googling, it was to my delight that discovered 90 Degrees, highly recommended for being a curly hair specialist, no more than a 15 minute walk from the centre of Brighton

90 degrees hairdressing hairdressers brighton curly hair specialists
90 degrees hairdressing hairdressers brighton curly hair specialists
90 degrees hairdressing hairdressers brighton curly hair specialists

I got talking to Joseph about what needed doing- the layers needed sorting out and the ends were beginning to look a bit straggly after being dried out the Spanish sun- and then I left it in his very capable hands. Joseph cuts dry and instead of just hacking away as I've had done to me in the past, cuts individual curls, taking the time to see how the curl sits and reacts which is so important to getting lively, bouncy curly hair.
After being fluffed up and cut, my hair was washed with the most amazing smelling shampoo and conditioner. 90 Degrees specialise in organic hair care products and colour treatments so the shampoo and conditioner used on me had no nasties in them such as sulphates and parabens, a luxury I seriously missed while out in Spain as I do believe it makes a massive difference to your hair. Then, as seen above, these two lovely guys twisted and curled sections of my hair before a quick dry with a bag diffuser (literally a bag) which was certainly different to anything I'd seen before, so that they dried into these lovely curls you can see below.

It's amazing how quickly after a haircut you can feel the difference in your hair. It finished off drying in the Brighton sunshine as I walked down into The Laines and I could feel that my curls had sprung back to life, some of them even going into ringlets. Not to mention they smelt and felt amazing. If you're a curly girl like myself and down in the South, I couldn't recommend 90 Degrees more. It's such a relief when you find somewhere and someone who gets curly hair and it's totally worth a visit.

90 Degrees Hairdressing is on the corner of Norfolk Square and Sillwood Street 
and there is currently 25% off for new clients.
Definitely worth checking out, girls!

Saturday, 28 June 2014

My Favourite Dark Lipsticks: MAC Viva Glam, Revlon Black Cherry, MAC Media

MAC Viva Glam II, Revlon Black Cherry, MAC Media
 L- R: MAC Viva Glam II, Revlon Black Cherry, MAC Media
MAC Viva Glam II, Revlon Black Cherry, MAC Media
L-R: MAC Viva Glam II, MAC Media, Revlon Black Cherry

I'm becoming more and more of a fan of dark lipstick for the night time and thought I would share my favourites with you. 
First up, is MAC Viva Glam II, a  dark burgundy red and I actually prefer this shade of red to Ruby Woo or Russian Red, which are both more vibrant pillar box reds. This lipstick is just a touch darker and is very flattering on olive and darker skins. It has a matte but not drying finish and I can vouch for it's staying power. It very rarely needs a touch up and if so, only in the middle.

Next, moving into the darker plums and purples, we have Revlon Black Cherry and MAC Media and yes they are extremely similar. However, there is a subtle difference in colour with Black Cherry being slightly more reddish tone whereas Media is more of a true plum purple. There is also a difference in texture. Black Cherry is slightly more sheer where Media has more of a creamy texture which I prefer. However, if push came to shove, they are very similar and I would recommend Black Cherry as a good dupe for MAC Media.

For all of these lipsticks, I would 100% recommend using a lipliner first to really lock in that colour and to have a nice clean line. Any red lip liner would work for Viva Glam. A darker lip liner might be harder to come across but I know MAC Currant lip liner is a good one and Rimmel has a fairly dark one called Ultimate if you're looking for a cheaper alternative.

What do you think of these colours?
Have you got any dark lip suggestions?

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Kylie Jenner Lips- MAC Beurre & MAC Spice Lip Liners

mac lip liner spice beurre kylie jenner
mac lip liner spice beurre kylie jenner

Ever since I spotted the above photo of Kylie Jenner circling round the internet and social media, I'm glad to find that I'm not the only one intrigued by her lips and yes, there are surgery rumours floating around but I absolutely love whatever lipstick she's chosen which seems to be the holy grail of pink nudes. And thus, the search began.

Luckily for me, I live not that far from a MAC store in Granada so went in to have a little experiment and the two that most caught my eye were these two- the MAC Spice lip liner and the MAC Beurre Cremestick liner. I would say that Spice is probably the closest to Kylie's lip colour in the photo and is a lovely matte 'pink cinnamon' colour as described on the MAC website. However I do much prefer the consistency of MAC Beurre. Being a cremestick, means that it's an absolute dream to apply, which doesn't pull at the lip as much as a pencil and I much prefer the wind up option rather than having the sharpen it. Both lip liners can be used on their own to create a nice matte lip or can be used as bases for any nude lipstick. It's certainly inspired me to start wearing a nude lip more often!

I have officially one week left in Granada and I'm currently eyeing up MAC Velvet Teddy
Would you reccommend?
A sneaky duty free purchase maybe?

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

On The Road- Cádiz y Sevilla

Seville sevilla river triana
seville sevilla bull ring plaza de toros
plaza de espana seville sevilla
seville sevilla catedral cathedral
seville sevilla cathedral catedral
Seville sevilla jewish quarter streets

Not long ago, a friend and I decided to tag on a little trip to another part of Andalucía on the end of the Easter week. We booked a BlaBlar Car ( a car sharing website and about half the price of public transport) and set off to destination número uno: Seville. Now, I had actually lived in Seville almost 3 years ago and was thrilled to be back in the city where my love affair with Spain all started. Seville is a typical and absolutely gorgeous Andalucían city with tons to see.
We stayed in the Oasis Backpackers Hostel in the centre of Seville and with only one night booked, immediately headed out to see the sights. My hot list would include hanging out by the river, either on the city side or on the Triana side, the Cathedral although beware of big queues and the gypsies, the bull ring, the old Jewish quarter and my absolute favourite, Plaza de Espana and the adjoining Parque Maria Luisa which is a little slice of paradise in a hot and humid city. It was great to walk around the city and surprise my memory with how well I remembered it all. We tried to eat at the famous Eslava bar but despite being only an hour after opening, it was already packed and with a wait for table so we decided on an old favourite not far from where I used to live. We had plans to head to Alameda de Hercules, a great spot for eating and drinking but unfortunately, after a good meal, the tiredness from walking around in the humid heat all day set in so we spent a while on the hostel roof terrace before going to bed.

cadiz catedral cathedral
cadiz town hall ayuntamiento
cadiz catedral cathedral
cadiz sunset atlantic ocean atardecer oceano atlantico
cadiz sunset atlantic ocean atardecer oceano atlantico

I 100% fell in love with Cádiz. It's a small little town that faces out to Atlantic ocean and has a distinct colonial feel to it. We stayed in Casa Caracol Hostel which I would totally recommend- vibrant staff, great location and the price included breakfast. At the end of the road, the beautiful coastline was revealed. Although much of it is walled, you can either head up into the newer part of town or down to the very last tip of Cádiz where there are also more sandy beaches. I definitely enjoyed being sprawled out in the sun all day but didn't quite make it into the water- it is the Atlantic Ocean after all... that's some cold water! I would also say beware the wind- it makes the temperature feel a lot less that it is and within three hours, my friend got pretty darn burnt. We were advised by the staff in the hostel to take a walk down to the beach for sunset and it was so completely worth it. Bundle up warm, the wind had a serious bite to it, and sit on the wall facing into ocean and you will see one of the best sunset, just setting into the sea. It was probably my personal highlight of the whole trip.

I would so recommend a trip to Cádiz to anyone who's travelling around Spain and would go back in a heartbeat. Unfortunately there are only 3 weeks left for me here in Spain, and, provided I get organised and sort out my last minute ERASMUS paperwork, I'm looking to go trotting off into Spain a bit.
 I'm eyeing up the beautiful Cabo de Gata in Almeria. 
I'll keep you posted!